Thinking out loud again...
Today is Thanksgiving 2022. My husband and I are currently flying back home to California after spending precious quality time this week with his side of the family in Michigan.
Our Love Tanks are now overflowing.
We are looking forward to being welcomed home first by my son and his wife who are graciously picking us up at the airport well after midnight.  And then eventually by our affectionate crazy black cat Desmond (Dez) and our vibrant calming betta fish Lasso.
The view of all the constellations of stars from this particular flight tonight is incredible! Indescribable!  I want so badly to capture it with a photo or video. Unfortunately with my phone camera capabilities peering through an airplane passenger window my failed attempts simply don’t do it justice.
Always looking up… 

Always with awe,  [fear GOD forever] wonder, and gratitude. 

Naturally I will not be able to publish this post until I have internet service again which means technically the day after Thanksgiving 11/25/22. 
In which case I may as well wait and include the latest Proverbs 25 YouTube reading link here as well:

The 31 days of Proverbs reading challenge has been insightful, repetitive, profound, and contains powerful reminders of some life lessons learned the hard way as well as other pitfalls to avoid altogether. 

This post below was originally published a few years ago on Halloween before getting married:

Today is Halloween. 

And I’m already thinking about Thanksgiving. 

Future-trippin :( is something I shy away from these days; preferring instead to choose JOY in the present moment. 

But there it is anyway. Future-trippin about my social anxiety related to sober-hosting my first dinner party in the lovely new home my God has abundantly blessed me with in 2020; 
 as I continue to move forward according to His perfect Will and flawless timing. 

Granted, my biological family has already been  over for a house-warming party, a birthday party, dinner & a movie with my son & his fiancĂ© where essentially all I had to do was be present like Mary at the feet of Jesus. 

But Thanksgiving is different. 

It is different from those other social get-togethers because I was voluntold by God to relieve my amazing wonderful selfless serving mother from the burden of providing the traditional feast this year. 

And quite frankly, cooking stresses me out. And socializing with more than one or two people at a time in real live person also increases my levels of anxiety exponentially. 

Knowing I will be engaging in BOTH of those activities the day after I fly back from a trip to the east coast to be with my significant other; and meet his family for the first time has got my blood pumping a little bit quicker this Halloween morning in anxious anticipation.  Once again, future-trippin — which I have absolutely NO business entertaining in my head. 

Trust the process. And the process is this: 
as I breathe deeply and admire my small, simple, elegant new dining room set pictured above, I realize just how incredibly THANKFUL I truly am today.  

I am thankful this THANKSGIVING for: 

1. Personal intensely intimate relationship w/JESUS. 
2. Same as above with my future husband. 
3. My precious babies both biological and by LOVE and informal “adoption”. 
4. This quiet PEACEFUL sanctuary I call home that is so far removed in every possible way (except proximity) from my former homes that it blows my mind sometimes. 
5. JOY that is eternal and limitless and does not depend at all on people, places, things, or circumstances. 
6. FAITH in my next steps, trusting the process; knowing that when HE leads me to it, HE will carry me through it! 
7. HOPE in the evidence of things unseen with a CONFIDENCE & an ASSURANCE that the future is amazingly almost blindingly bright bursting with beautiful colors and miracles ALL for HIS honor and glory.