Summiting Mt. Baldy
This post was originally published on January 16, 2020. 
Today, my husband made a comment about my 10 mile bike ride being my longest distance recorded on Strava thus far.
He wasn’t wrong.
It was a reality check for me for certain. 
I was reminded of this hike as well as an even bigger one I did a year or two later at The Grand Canyon.
This thought pattern brought me back to the Proverbs YouTube video reminder given earlier this week on Veterans Day to RESIST THE URGE TO COMPARE.
In this video I was referring to comparing ourselves to others…

  It also applies to comparing ourselves to our past selves as well. 

When we get hung up on regrets and negative self talk we press pause on living. 

Time to press PLAY and keep moving forward. 
Proverbs 13 Delayed Gratification:
Three years ago (from January 2020) I barely made it to the peak of Mt. Baldy. I mean I really thought I was going to die. Over 40 lbs heavier than I am today (I’ve since regained that weight from snacks and couch potato time, not alcohol) and no doubt dehydrated and a bit hungover from partying a little too hard the night before; it is only by the grace of God and the persistent, tenacious motivation of my friend Kris that I survived that day. And man how I paid for it in pain for days afterwards.
Today I’m still not conditioned enough really in shape enough to attempt this hike without some training first.  But I am much healthier physically and happier emotionally by leaps and bounds than I was on this particular day.  And I’m setting goals for my next hike in the 6 pack of peaks challenge! (Did not meet that goal, but I am in the process of setting new ones!)
Not to mention that my heart and soul have been cleansed by The Refiner’s Fire since that day and I have done the work (and continue to do the work daily) to be spiritually fit.
A great weight has been lifted from me both physically and spiritually in the past 3 years and all I can say is THANK YOU!!!
God created me with a specific plan and purpose so that I would learn from my mistakes and not regret the past nor wish to shut the door on it. Today I choose to forgive myself and those around me who may have wronged me in some way.  And I will continue to take my own inventory to see what areas I need to work on and seek forgiveness when necessary. 
You also were created with a purpose. I pray that you find YOUR unique passion and purpose if you have not already done so— and begin truly LIVING with vibrancy on this day.

What are your goals today? 
If not, how can I help? 
What are your specific prayer requests?