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Greetings from Southern California, USA!
If you have been reading my blog, watching my YouTube videos, or following any of my other various forms of social media for any prolonged period of time, then you surely have heard my voice or read one of my posts referring to myself as being a "Lifelong Learner." Sometimes quickly, sometimes slowly, but just like counting on God's promises to be TRUE, I can count on life lessons as well as Joy in the Journey.
One lesson is that change is constant. Change is one of the things we can always count on whether we are ready for it or not. In this moment I am marveling at all the constant changes in our staffing at work. I have been in the same position at the same work site for over 20 years now, so changing positions or locations (so far) has not been part of my story. But, I have witnessed a lot of changes as I have continued to serve faithfully in this role with these fascinating, fun, troubled, hormonal, restless, growing, loving adolescents.
As I was recently reviewing some of my past YouTube videos, I noticed what some viewers have commented on factors that make some of the videos difficult to watch caused by the bouncing motion of the camera and the variety of fast moving images as I am walking or moving while recording.
I believe one of the comments was "I can't watch this video without poking my eyes out." Haha! I literally laughed out loud when I read that one. I could've flinched with an "ouch", that one hurt my feelings... BUT
instead I CHOSE to laugh at myself and the other person's harsh, honest, and graphic feedback, and LEARN from it. (Life is full of choices.)
The truth is I welcome feedback, encouragements, comments, and constructive criticism as these are all part of the wisdom to be gained by reading the book of Proverbs [seek wise counsel] (1:7, 11:14, 12:15, 13:10, 15:22, 19:20-21, 20:18, 24:6, 28:26, etc.)
Once again, in reviewing recent past videos, I see for myself that the comment was accurate, albiet a bit harsh, it was spot on! I was and am grateful for another subscriber @Royal Dominion Authority Global Ministries who came to my defense and replied to the comment recommending that the viewer "Listen" without watching, which in fact he did and commented again that he appreciated the reading when he chose to simply listen to it without watching the video. What a wonderful solution to the dilemma at hand! I appreciate both of them immensely for engaging in helpful dialogue that was mutually beneficial for all 3 of us... she gained a new subscriber, he enjoyed the audio portion of the video, and I am continuing to learn new skills,
humbly accepting opportunities to grow and improve, as I continue to take more Ninevah trust falls wherever the Lord calls me to go.
That's what we call a WIN-WIN-WIN!!!
I will commit to continue to make efforts to eliminate or at least decrease the excessive bouncing dizzying motion occuring in my YouTube videos, and will remain open to any other helpful suggestions along the way as well.
What areas of your life will you strive to improve today?
P.S. Just finished reading a very informative scientific research article on the health and wellness products I purchase, consume, and even promote and sell on occassion. The article was factual and also reviewed the business model as well as the ingredients/cost/benefits of the products themselves. It was an eye-opener and one I wished I had discovered and read before investing in this business. Once again, I am a lifelong learner and constantly striving to do better than the day before. The products and the ingredients are solid, albeit overpriced. The business model repels most people, and with good reasons. 

Next time, I’ll do more research before making a commitment to a business. 
 For me personally, I adore the idea of being able to work a remote online business from anywhere on this beautiful planet; allowing me to retire from my long and fulfilling career in education and mental health sooner rather than later. To be perfectly honest with you, it is still a goal of mine. Not sure that this is the best vehicle for me to achieve that goal. But I am sure of this one thing! Proverbs 3:5-6 He will make my paths straight. :)


  1. Nice to meet you, I’m new here! Happy to be following your future posts.

    1. Awesome! Nice to meet you as well Melissa :) Welcome to this page. Please let me know how I can best encourage you and/or pray for you specifically along your own journey. [[HUGS]]


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