Keep It Simple Silly.
At the risk of sounding like a broken record, I am going to repeat my YouTube sign off line here: "Life is full of choices... CHOOSE WISELY."
One of the choices I actively make on a somewhat regular basis is to choose not to be offended when someone calls me "Silly" as a replacement for the word "Stupid." I'll be honest, it rubs me the wrong way. But in the Proverbs 30 reading this morning from the paraphrased LIVING BIBLE verse 2 I read aloud "I am too stupid even to call myself a human being..." Although they were not my own words, I felt them. Deeply. Humbled by my intense, reverent fear of the Lord. I am in awe of God's awesome majesty and power.
Fondly remembering my Dad's wise words K.I.S.S. "Keep it simple silly" xoxo So in the power of NOW, I CHOOSE to wear the label "Silly" like a badge of honor. In a similar fashion
[to an exponentially lesser degree obviously] as a black person refers to themselves with the "N word"
which I personally have a difficult time hearing uttered by ANYONE; I do empathetically understand it is their way of taking their own power back.
When I choose to embrace the labels "nerd" or "silly" as compliments rather than insults than I feel a sense of personal victory! It is not only okay to be SILLY, it is encouraged!
be silly, be honest, be kind
More to come...
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