Can you relate?
My husband and I both consider ourselves to be #challengeaccepted people.
By that I mean when someone challenges us with a statement such as “you can’t do that…” 
Our automatic internal and sometimes audible response is typically one of the following:

“Wanna bet?”
“Watch me!” 
“Don’t tell me what to do.” 
“Hmmm… we’ll just see about that.” 
“What do you mean? I’ve already done it several times. Didn’t you watch my reel and/or YouTube video about that?” 

Or something along similar lines…

LOL ;)-

Can you relate? 

Jordan Almonds
You may be asking yourself what do Jordan Almonds have to do with any of the above? 

Only that this next part is going to be another “Can you relate?” example. 

It’s taken me a lifetime to finally realize that the BEST part of these delicious candies is the almonds themselves.

Just in case it isn’t already obvious I mean this literally and metaphorically.
As my tastes and priorities have matured, I’ve learned to appreciate the wonderful flavor of the wholesome, nutritionally dense pure raw almonds, with no need or use for the sugary, chemical-additive-filled-food-coloring-enhanced hard candy shells.
The same metaphor applies when I look at you and me! 

The absolute BEST parts aren’t the pretty pastel enhanced sugary sweet coatings.


The BEST parts are the pure, wholesome, healthy, material of substance and value underneath that  superficially beautiful exterior. 

I prefer to be sustained and nourished over cracking my teeth or suffering from anxiety over shallow imperfections on that candy-coating surface. 

Can you relate?