So many incredible experiences are available at any given moment, if only we keep our eyes open and live in full surrender to a plan that is much greater than ours.
This weekend was mostly relaxing. Yes, AND it included some powerful Holy Spirit filled "God Shots" as well! One of the highlights was attending Sunday night service at Benedict Castle 

 to hear our Beloved friend Jim Baldwin speak about Smile Seekers and how this incredible organization came to provide such loving James 1:27 ministry.
Carmel apple photos and festive holiday dessert  credit to my husband The Chef ;)
Prior to that service, Lead Pastor Daniel Bishop at The Grove Community Church talked about how EVERYONE has a special calling. It's entirely up to us whether or not we choose to get on our knees and ask God what our calling/purpose/vocation/gift is and how He wants us to use it!

Dash from Disney's Incredibles retorts to his Mom's comment that "Everyone is special" with the response "which is another way of saying that no one is." When everyone in our entitled culture receives a participation trophy just for showing up, it becomes a bit much. On the other hand, it is true that each and every one of us regardless of age, race, gender, disability, size, intelligence, skill set, etc. has a unique gift to share with others to shine a light that brings our Creater all the glory.
I don't tend to engage in too many Halloween celebrations or activities. But today at work, our office staff all agreed to wear matching shirts from The Incredibles to support and encourage one another with each of our unique super powers.
I love the way God ties it all together when we stop long enough to listen.
Today, my heart is heavy with one loved one literally dying who doesn't really want to, and another loved one living [existing] who doesn't really want to... SNAPSHOT
When reading and participating in The 40 Day Social Media Fast by Wendy Speake this past summer, I discovered some valuable insights. I learned that as much as I love to capture images to share with you and to keep and cherish for myself... sometimes it is okay to simply take a "snapshot" with my mind. It is more than okay to choose to be fully present in the moment with no phone, camera, agenda, or objective. To be a human BEING -- instead of a human-doing.
This morning as I silently watched the reflection of the palm trees bouncing softly in the water in the early morning moonlight listening to and fully experiencing my breathing while enveloped in the water, I felt the [Philippians 4] peace which surpasses human understanding. No pictures, no videos, no phone, no social media... just PEACE.