Protect your peace.
Ask for what you need: Matthew 7:7
What does protecting your peace look like for you?


For me personally, sometimes it looks like unfollowing or blocking you when my radar detects any form of unwelcome solicitation.

 The title of this post may be “ASK” …

but to be clear 
it is NOT an invitation for you to ask me for personal information when I don’t even know you, or trust that you’re legitimately who you say you are online. 

Do ask God for what you need [forgiveness— if you are a cyber scammer] 

Do ask the people in your real life for what you need if and when the requests are appropriate and reasonable. 

Do NOT pretend to be someone you are not. 

While protecting my peace and enforcing healthy boundaries; 
 I have zero tolerance for fake people or dishonesty. 

So please, for both of our sakes don’t come at me with that unacceptable behavior. 

One of many lessons I learned the hard way after over 25 years of marriage, is to ask for what I need.
That is the only way you will get your needs met.
Whether it looks like praying to God for what you need and/or asking a helpful resource directly for what you need; it is necessary to present our requests: Philippians 4:5-7
It is unreasonable to expect another person to read your mind or to intuitively know what you need without you specifically asking for it.
It is equally unfair to subsequently resent another human being for not reading your mind and delivering on implied expectations; if you have not spelled them out plainly in some form of clear honest communication.
This is a fairly recent practice for me, and it works wonders for protecting my peace.
In relationships, I ask for what I need. It is also NOT OKAY to expect one person to meet all of your needs.
This is why it is helpful to have friends, family, health care providers, pastors, etcetera who each provide different roles to address different needs.
There is only ONE who can meet all of our needs [through a variety of resources]... may you find that ONE in the power of NOW! The BEST is yet to come...