Water is nothing short of a miracle. 
And yet, many of us take it for granted every single day, myself included.  
Think about it.  
Just this morning, I enjoyed… 
Drinking it, making my morning coffee with it, [husband] watering the garden with it, showering in it, swimming in it, floating in it, meditatively flowing in it, and the list goes on and on… 

At the start of the workout, I was again sporting a full body wetsuit, because as I’ve mentioned previously, I want to build long-term healthy habits, eliminating excuses before they even get an opportunity to creep into my mind. It’s all about that positive mindset! 

The feeling of swimming in a wetsuit is an interesting phenomenon. There is an even greater buoyancy than simply the water itself provides.  There is a sense of warmth, security, purpose, and quiet calm that exudes from just that one thing. However, when I got too warm from my workout and the surrounding temperatures, I peeled it off. 

And then the sense of freedom, lightness, and coolness that came from that release was also phenomenal in quite a different way.  

When you undress from tight-fitting restrictive clothes at the end of your day… it was like that!

The deep satisfaction achieved by focusing on the completion of my strokes from pointing forward with both hands together, arms outstretched similar to yoga mountain pose-- to my two big toes touching at the end of a swim-instructor-approved breaststroke kick;
is all part of the FLOW that removes any peace-robbing anxiety produced by social media approval, self-doubt, stressful work commutes, the "new normal" or any other life distractions that cause me to ever doubt my identity or worth.
Although I answer to several different names these days, including but not limited to, "Grateful Gwen," I know whose I am... the Great I AM, Jehovah, Abba Father, Mighty God, Savior, and so much more! I am precious in His sight (so are YOU!!!) He loves me like no other and reminds me when I am weak, that I am fearfully and wonderfully made (Psalm 139:14) with a unique and exquisite purpose.