If you have watched any of my recent YouTube videos through to end, than you have inevitably heard me utter the words “Life is full of choices—choose wisely.” 

Psalm 23 
Protect Your Peace 

Lately I’ve been making a lot of difficult choices. 
Some of them have been inspired by reading and applying the book titled “The 40 Day Social Media Fast” by author Wendy Speake. 
Trading in my Jeep for a more practical vehicle was NOT one of those.  But continuing to fast from social media on the Sabbath was one such decision. 
Beginning each morning with my nose buried in THE Good Book instead of my phone was another one. 
And today’s choice to unfollow more IG accounts marks another! 
There is one in particular, that was especially difficult for me to pull the trigger on unfollowing. 

And I’ll tell you why. 

However, I won’t share her name here out of respect for her,  and not wanting to possibly influence anyone else’s choice to follow this individual. 
The truth is I hold a great deal of admiration for this strong, beautiful, intelligent, talented, fit, purpose-driven, young woman! 

I also know her personally to be a kind-hearted, caring person from several personal chats we have enjoyed via IG messages. 

She was not the least bit pushy about her coaching and fitness program, which I also appreciated immensely. 

And I fully recognize that my reasons for choosing to unfollow her have everything to do with my own personal demons and absolutely NOTHING to do with her as a person. 

Because she works so incredibly hard, and is therefore exceptionally fit and gorgeous, her consistent social media posts made it too challenging for me to resist the urge to compare. 
Rather than finding her workouts to be motivational and inspirational, they caused me to drown in negative self-talk… saying things to myself like “I will never look that good, because I am simply not willing to do the work it takes.” 
That is my truth. 

I have no desire to work that hard to achieve a body like hers. 

This observation is okay to admit to myself, and to accept as my current perception and reality. 

Where it becomes a problem is when the negative thoughts consume my thought life and zap my confidence to use the gifts and talents I have been given. 

2 Corinthians 10:5

Matthew 25: 14-30 

Again I want to be clear, none of the above is any fault of her doing. 

This spiritual battle is entirely mine. 

I wish her all the best in her journey and simply needed to choose wisely for own mental, physical, and spiritual health in the Art of Well-Being. 

God-willing, I will be sharing some other personal spiritual battles and dedicating tomorrow’s 911 video reading of Psalms 19-20 to my God, Most High, and to the men and women heroes of September 11, 2001 as well as the survivors of those almost 3K lives we lost that tragic day. 

We are not promised tomorrow. 

Take Care. 

Life is full of choices. 

Choose Wisely.