Secret Place

Another edited repost here as I celebrate the small victories in my life this morning.

You may have heard someone quote this health-related expression “an apple a day keeps the doctor away.”  
Pretty self-explanatory I should think, and it holds a great deal of truth.  

I have modified my own to be “a Proverb a day keeps the enemy away.”  

By the way, “the enemy” may in fact simply be ourselves as indicated by the classic 80s INX song “The Devil Inside”  

Today is  October 13th so I began my day by reading Proverbs 13.  

And without fail similar to the local am/pm mini mart slogan, I discovered “too much good stuff” in there! 

Except it’s not the same at all, since most, if not all of the food stuffs in am/pm marts contain little to no nutritional content or substantial value at all.  

Proverbs wisdom nourishes my soul. The principles apply equally to unbelievers and people of the world, just as much as believers like myself who choose an eternal mindset.  

Those of us who reside in this world, but not of this world, are a different breed indeed. 

Another tiny (but not insignificant) win I am celebrating on this crisp fall morning, is the fact that I (we) chose to go to bed earlier than usual last night, setting my phone aside while choosing to READ instead.
It was a refreshing change of pace.  

Then continuing in screenless self-care, I chose to get out of bed, complete several important tasks before picking the phone up (other than to silence the alarm)...
and still have managed to practice delayed gratification putting off engaging in social media during my precious, quiet, calm, sacred first hour upon waking.
It was beautiful.
And I hope to continue this positive, heathly habit in The Art of Well-Being.

It may seem silly to feel good about such an act, but I genuinely do! 

As you can see here,  life is full of choices. 

The reason I chose to reopen this particular post is because lately in addition to praying privately in my secret place; I have been praying publicly different variations of the Serenity Prayer with you here: 

Although I am keenly aware of what The Bible instructs regarding public vs private prayer in Matthew 6; I want to share with you here in these videos and on this blog — why I choose to encourage you and me in this way. 

First of all The Serenity Prayer is NOT limited to only people in recovery circles. 


It is a fantastically useful tool for grounding, centering, focusing, and reminding ourselves that we have absolutely ZERO CONTROL over anyone else’s behavior other than our own. 

And this my friend is what brings Philippians 4 PEACE that surpasses human understanding. 

The second reason for opening my latest Psalms series in prayer is to demonstrate that we can make any prayer our own. 

We don’t need to memorize it and regurgitate it from route memory.  Prayer often becomes meaningless when it is a routine ritual with no thought or feelings attached. 

Don’t get me wrong— habitual prayer and meditation also has its value and place as well; 
 for grounding and peaceful surrender in The Power of Now.  

I could go on and on about this subject, but instead I would prefer to hear your thoughts on it.

So what are your thoughts on prayer? 

Garden and sculpture photos shot by myself @ 
Frederik Meijer Gardens & Sculpture Park
Grand Rapids, MI 

enJOY :) 

Reader’s Digest got it right when they coined the phrase “Laughter is the best medicine.” I laughed out loud at my own silliness for a good portion of my morning commute feeling giddy as _______! 


Because I spent time in my “secret place” praising my Higher Power for the best high I’ve ever experienced in all of my days! 

I got my “fix” worshipping The One who has all power and enjoyed divine intimacy in a way I might be able to describe… but I won’t because Matthew 6:6. 

Highly recommend an internet search whether you use Google, Bing, or any other possible World Wide Web search engines readily available at your fingertips in a moment’s notice to look up verses that contain “secret place.” 

Our God is an awesome GOD!!! 

And as much as I enjoy worshipping Him publicly at church most weekends along with the body of Christ, or with my family, friends, or even the most special intimate times praising Him with my husband; the personal times one-on-one in our secret places when I pour out my heart, mind, body, and soul like a fragrant offering to my Savior are the moments that I cherish the most. 

This place is not my home.  This is not where I belong.  Don’t get me wrong, I adore my people and my beautiful life here; BUT GOD rich in mercy who came to save me, has something infinitely better in store! 
Book of Psalms begins today: