"And You may ask yourself, 'well how did I get here?'" ONCE IN A LIFETIME by Talking Heads
On the drive to work this morning, I was blessed with several consecutive songs which moved my heart and soul deeply. The one quoted above was NOT one of them... laughing out loud.
Landslide by Fleetwood Mac was the first one.
At first I simply enjoyed the meditation of the slow, calming instrumental music.
Then came the poignant lyrics that deeply resonate with me on this level-- 

Stevie Nicks is telling my story.
Are there songs like this for you?
Songs that you feel are telling your story?
Next, after the tears were already flowing, God continued to tug at my heartstrings by playing "Who Am I" by Casting Crowns.
The lyrics of this song also hit close to home with me as I identify with all of the lyrics of this voice of truth song one hundred percent.
On more than one occassion, you may have heard me refer to myself as being a "slow learner."
Sometimes I'm that kid who has to touch the proverbial hot stove in order to learn my lesson the hard way. Can you relate? Do you see your errors in judgement as "sins", "regrets", "mistakes" or "lessons learned"?
Or perhaps you don't see an issue with any of your behaviors at all.
Perhaps you simply chalk them all up to "human nature" --not holding yourself to any higher standard than that of the animals who have no sense of morality.
Like most people, I have made many mistakes in my life.
I have even repeated some of them an embarrassing number of times.
Today I am a new creation in Christ--- 2 Corninthians 5:17
Therefore, my aim is to DO BETTER! ... to BE BETTER!
My hope is to shine HIS light and bring HIM glory through by actions.
Recently the enemy has been placing obstacles in my way, presenting fruit from the tree of knowledge, making an extra effort to entice me into repeating some of my past lessons learned.
I want no part of it.
So I continue to LOVE GOD LOVE PEOPLE by smiling politely and either saying "No Thank You" with my words or through my actions of quietly walking away and declining the offers to sin; while taking extra care not to shame anyone else for their choices.
Because after all, life is full of choices...
Choose wisely.