Choose Wisely
We will remember.
There are many things I desire to write to you. Yet selfishly I still get hung up on thoughts like “what will people think of me?”  They Will judge me for THIS. And you will…  How could you not? 
I want to write words that I consider to be synonymous with the powerful, life-changing word “surrender;” but I already know the adult content wouldn’t be approved for children and grandchildren on this family friendly blog and YouTube channel. 

Suffice it to say, when we experience the ultimate and the little surrenders in this life such as what is known as the “petite mort” in French and the 3rd step in recovery; we are set FREE in a way that is the tiniest representation of exquisite glimpses into eternity. 

I can hardly wait! 

But waiting is all part of the process and the experience itself. 

Just Breathe…

 and enjoy each precious breath along this joy-filled journey called life.

Be still and know.

Listen. 1 Kings 19: 11-13

Life is full of choices. 

Written after Labor Day weekend:
As an educator for the past 29 years, I would grade myself with a D for my choices the past several days; regarding diet, exercise, and sleep choices I have made.  I have consumed literally twice the amount of calories recommended for the past 3 days, averaged less than 6 hours of sleep per night, and exerted minimal amounts of physical efforts and activity; (with the exception of swimming through the waves in the ocean against the strong current yesterday.) 

However, in the areas of digesting and sharing the Living Word, and spending quality time with loved ones, I earned an A grade over this past Labor Day weekend. 

Again, life is full of choices. We make some solid healthy ones,  and some not-so-good ones sometimes.

  And we have the choice here as well… to give ourselves grace and remind ourselves with positive-self-talk— This is the [new] day the Lord has made; Psalm 118:24 :) Let us rejoice and be glad in it!

Yes, I did realize when I took on this particular YouTube project that there would be 150 chapters to read which would either require 150 days or at least 75 days if I managed to read two a day each and every day with you. 

It is a commitment.  I don’t shy away from commitments these days. I am a woman of my word. God-Willing, I will see this project through to the end… one day at a time. 

Thank You for your comments, support and encouragements along the way. 

I appreciate you. 

Stay hydrated my friends.