Life is full of choices.
When I first began recording IGTV videos during the COVID pandemic lock down in 2020, I shared a series based on readings from The 5 Love Languages by Dr. Gary Chapman.
I I And I would still happily endorse that book without hesitation!
During that season of video creations, my closing tag line became "He [Jesus] loves you, and so do i!" And  I still practice my simplified religion of LOVE GOD LOVE PEOPLE based on the two greatest commandments ever given to God's creation here on Earth.
However, more recent YouTube videos closing tag line has evolved into "Life is full of choices... Choose Wisely."


If you know me or have been following me for any length of time at all--- than you already know I am all about choices.
This is evidenced by the fact that I chose "Choice Theory" by Dr. William Glasser as my psycho-therapy in my counseling profession with good reason.

And my Almighty God gives each and every one of us the choice with FREE WILL to accept HIM or reject Him for all eternity.

The choice is yours.

As a previously passive-defiant, somewhat obstinate personality type myself, you will often hear me utter the words "Don't tell me what to do" after being given a directive.

 Sometimes it is out loud with a laugh attached, other times it is said quietly under my breath, and occassionally it is thought silently in my head.

You get my point.
Grateful for choices, 

I have discovered they tend to work better for me, and for those I am serving daily.
Originally this post was going to be titled "Traffic Jam" as I found myself in yet another one this morning on the way to work. This of course, is not unusual in the slightest bit living and working in Southern California. It was worse than normal today due to contruction causing what should be a 25 minute commute that usually takes an hour to actually take two hours this morning.
What was different about it though was this; while others surrounding me blasted their horns with road rage and attempted a variety of ways to manuever up, over, through or around the obstacles in anyway they could imagine up, whether legally or not...

 I used the power of CHOICE by choosing the following actions:
1. Be Still and Know -- Psalms 46:10


2. Praising God with an attitude of gratitude for opportunties 4,5, 6 (below) to encourage, bringing God glory, while fullfilling my Purpose Driven Life.
3. Texted my colleagues with the results of The Serenity Prayer as a professional courtesy, letting them know I would be late to work due to circumstances beyond my control.
4. Blogging here with you.
5. Posting an encouragment on Instagram. 
6. Uploading another reading from Psalms on YouTube also @Grateful Gwen Channel
In these ways, I was able to remain calm and take advantage of the bonus time parked in the middle of the roadway unexpectedly; instead of losing my mind and raising my blood pressure to my own physical, mental, emotional and spiritual detriment.
It feels good to practice The Art of Well-Being:

If I was willing to do the work required to grow the business in the link above, it might actually be profitable. 

But life is full of choices. 

 The fact is this simply is not a priority for me.

 What choices will you make for yourself today?

 How can I best pray for you or encourage you in making healthy choices for your life?
 You are welcome to submit any requests in the contact Gwen form located in the top right hand corner of this website. (You may have to click the 3 bars in the top right hand corner of the mobile site on phones to access the contact form.)

You may use the  contact form here on this site to reach me, if I can  help you in a reasonable way that respects both of our healthy boundaries.

Life is full of choices.
Choose Wisely.