A Toast

On the day my daughter married my wonderful son-in-love overlooking Lake Hefner at sunset in OKC, I blogged here about it in an entry titled "Sparrows" based on the story Matthew 10:29-31 and the song by Cory Asbury.
It was both one of the happiest and most emotional days of my life.
I was over the moon happy for both of them starting their new life together and selfishly sad for myself because I couldn't be there with them in person to celebrate the special day.
Long story short, I missed my flight. :( Fortunately my [Baby-Daddy] [Former husband of 27 years] co-parent's wife facetimed with myself and our other children so we could witness the special occassion in real time. Technology can be a God-send at times like those.
On the day my son marries my daughter-in-love it will be another one of those happiest days of my life.
My kids marrying their chosen life partners is nothing short of many answered prayers/miracles ranking right up there in my book with the two most exquisite days when each one of my biological babies were born.
Next to my salvation, they are my greatest gifts from God. Truth be told, I could not have chosen better spouses for either one of them if I had tried. God knows what He is doing, and I trust Him with all of my heart, mind, body, and soul.
I am also thankful beyond words for the marriage that produced these two living breathing miracles and for my NOW husband who faithfully stands by my side through all of the emotional ups and downs that are inevitable on this journey called life. He anchors us both deep in God's Word and His promises each and every day helping to sustain us through life's challenges one moment/breath/prayer/choice at a time. 

  Thank You God for this beautiful life.