Side Hustle

Staying off social media on Sundays,
continuing the Sabbath Sabbaticals proves to be more challenging than I had anticipated.

Excited about reading the book of Psalms with you beginning on September 1st, 2022! 
It is sandwiched between the heart-wrenching, inspirational story of a DEVOTED man of God, Job, in the book of Job,  and the book of WISDOM over folly and foolishness known as Proverbs.  

Do you ever wake up in the middle of the night and stumble to the restroom half asleep in the dark? I do. Pretty much nightly.  And each time I do that, I find myself asking the question “Is this really my life?”

The answer is always, “Yes” including both the unbelievably good blessings, as well as the painful consequences that come from choices I have made throughout my life.

 It’s precisely why I now wrap up each YouTube video with the tag line  “Life is full of choices. Choose wisely.”

I no longer allow myself to engage in “Past-Trippin” or “Future-Trippin”,  but I am keenly aware of [mistakes] life lessons learned along the way.  My hope is to impart some of that knowledge from experience with those “who have ears to hear.”

The title of this post has been weighing heavy on my mind as of late. 

Like many of you, I have yearned for success with a “side hustle” to supplement my income and possibly usher me into retirement when the timing is right.

However, my God has a different plan for me and I trust Him with all of my heart to make my paths straight. 
Proverbs 3:5-6
So far in my attempts at financial freedom, I have failed these three entrepreneurial efforts: 

1. The Art of Well-Being health and wellness online business [MLM model] 

2. My own Grateful Gwen Branding 
Private [Counseling] Services and Products ie CONFIDENCE leather bracelets personalized with Philippians 1:6 engraved in your choice of dark brown or black with adjustable brass snaps enclosure or a silver buckle with adjustable strap. 

3. Freelance remote, part-time, proofreader/copy editor. 

I thoroughly enjoy and daily employ [use] the products produced by all three of these endeavors for myself personally to this day. 

So adamantly “YES”, I believe in my own products wholeheartedly!  

It would appear though that God prefers I stick with writing His love letter as his pencil (Mother Teresa quote above) in set-my-ego-aside-voluntary-unpaid-sponsorship-ministry-kinds-of-ways.
Lessons learned from the three failed attempts listed above: 

1. When companies require you to invest money up front with little to no return, and hype up the glitz and glamour of the few successful individuals on top of the pyramid; proceed with caution. But more importantly than all of that for me is that I have discovered that I am NOT a salesperson and have absolutely NO desire to become one in this lifetime. 

2. Same thing here regarding sales of any sort;  PLUS — just because I love it, doesn’t necessarily mean anyone else will.  Need to keep my name and ego out of the equation. To God be the glory, not Grateful Gwen (one of several reasons, besides outrageous gas prices,  I traded in my Willys Jeep.) 

3. Beware of Cyber Scammers and Fraudulent Hackers! These clever foxes are lurking EVERYWHERE!  Yes, even in the job market! When what appears to be a legitimate company that you have sought out and applied with  interviews you… again “proceed with caution!” If they pay you a large amount of money up front before a day of work so they can direct those funds for purchasing the necessary equipment for the job— RUN as fast as you can!!! Yes, this exact scenario happened to me recently. Ugh. No fun at all.

I hope this information is helpful to you my friends and family. 

Love God Love People
I want to trust people.  But choosing wisely, I will guard my heart, Proverbs 4:23, and my identity, and my pocketbook, trusting God above people with all three!
I suggest you choose who you trust with God-given discernment as well, my beloved brothers and sisters. 

P.S. I want to support my fellow bloggers on this feed. But every time I attempt to comment on one of your posts, it prompts me to sign into Google first and then even when I do that, it doesn’t allow me to add a comment.

 It’s unfortunate this process is so complicated. At the same time, I am grateful it protects me from unwanted feedback from unkind individuals. 

Please know that I am silently cheering for you and praying for you fellow Writers, YouTubers, and other positive influencers!!!
Thank You Subscribers! :)