Another Sabbath update: 
Continuing to fast from most social media on Sundays; 
 with a few previosly mentioned exceptions.
Read about Ruth and Naomi winnowing barley in one of this morning's easy-like-Sunday-morning-- devotional readings.
It triggered another warm, loving childhood Sunday School lesson memory for me.
My point in sharing this with you is that what we say and do can leave a lasting lifetime impact on other people-- either a positive or negative impact.
So let us proceed with care when choosing our words, actions, and activities; which have the power to create lasting fond nostalgic comforting OR damaging traumatic memories shaping our minds, bodies, and souls for this lifetime and the next one. Selah 
This original post was published, Sunday, August 21, 2022 after enjoying a lovely, rejuvenating weekend with family and lifelong friends we regard as family up at Lake Arrowhead.
Today’s update on Sunday, October 2, 2022 heading into fall; 
 I catch myself falling like the colorful leaves into old habits of mindlessly scrolling through social media feeds before even climbing out of bed.
This contradicts the important agreement I have made with myself and my God.

 I also committed to it with you for an extra layer of accountability, which I clearly need in my life.
Also to be clear, the purpose of this particular published post 
(Adore alliteration haha) … 

is not to verbally beat myself up for not honoring my own commitment to fast from social media on the Sabbath or for neglecting to read from God’s Word first before picking up my phone everyday.         No.
The purpose, rather,  is to confess it, and To Thine Own Self [and GOD and others]  Be True!

At my school we practice Panther 
P.R.I.D.E. —
Positivity Respectful Integrity ʕ•ᴥ•ʔDetermination Enthusiasm
Without my Integrity, I am a lost soul drifting through life aimlessly full of shame and without purpose.
Life is full of choices. I choose a Purpose-Driven Life that brings God glory!!!
What kind of life do you choose for yourself? 

The same power that moves mountains when he speaks
The same power that can calm the raging sea
Lives in us, 
Lives in us… 

Same Power 
Jeremy Camp

 We actually don’t eat food out nearly as often as all these pictures would imply. 

Simply enjoying the weekend opportunity to Selah
…and missing my Jeep Gobi as I watch all the other Jeeps drive by…

I am not complaining at all. 


 I am living a good life.
GOD provides. 

Life is full of choices. 
Choose wisely.

Surrendered August 21, 2022 

in the center of God’s Will

Mostly I am continuing to fast from social media consistently on Sundays to observe the Sabbath. 

However, I will allow for  these three <3 exceptions: 
1. Morning Snaps with my kids. [AFTER my priority prayer and meditation time in The Word with The Word] 
2. Blogging here with you. 
3. Posting YouTube videos like this one… 

I’m also okay with continuing to use health and fitness tracking apps because I don’t consider those to be social media, since I don’t interact with anyone else there.

Life is full of choices. Choose wisely.