The Social Dilemma

Daddy, I miss you so much. 

I desperately wish we could meet up for breakfast like we always used to do, to catch up and connect about what’s REALLY going on in our respective lives. 

In this NOW moment I want to seek your wise fatherly counsel and advice.  Thankfully you raised me well, so I know I can always turn to my Heavenly Father for guidance no matter what my circumstances may be at the time. 

Proverbs 22:6 

This morning as I contemplate the next chapter of my life, I take comfort hearing your words gently reminding me “If you’re good at something, people will know— you don’t have to tell them about it.” 

There is deep breath, inhale, exhale, peace in the knowing. 

Knowing there is absolutely NO need to prove myself to ANYONE here on Earth. 

No amount of filtered selfies, YouTube videos, Blogger posts, Snapchats, Instagram, Twitter, Linked In, TikTok, Vimeo, or Facebook posts will prove how worthy I am to be called beloved daughter of the most High King of Kings, Lord of Lords, Name above all Names, Yahweh, Almighty GOD!!! 

Philippians 2:10 So that at the name of Jesus every knee should bow in Heaven and on Earth, and under the Earth. 

Isaiah 9:6 Wonderful Counselor, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace!

2 Peter 3:18 Grow in grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Revelation 19:16 On His robe and on His thigh he has a name written King of kings and Lord of lords! 

Praying to you NOW Jehovah Rapha for your healing on the broken-hearted.  Psalm 35 

Praying for your strength, guidance, and direction regarding this 40 day fast I am about to embark upon. 

I ordered the book above this morning and plan to begin my 40 day detox shortly after it arrives.

Ultimately, Thy Will be done, not mine. 

In Christ’s name and for His sake Your Surrendered Soul, 

Grateful Gwen 

Set S.M.A.R.T Goals and CHOOSE WISELY: 

One of the latest YouTube videos before the break. Probably post a few more to announce the detox plan and wish you all the best, before disappearing for 40 days and 40 nights on Nora’s Ark. ;)  Nora's Ark of 40 days and 40 nights of fasting from social media will be from July 10, 2022 - August 18th, 2022. Thank You in advance for your prayers and accountability. You may still reach me by email to make prayer requests, ask questions or to offer prayers and encouragements
P.S. You know how I'm always saying "Life is full of choices" right? Well in my complete honesty and transparency with you, although some might consider the Strava app to be a form of social media; I am making the carefully considered with God-given discernment CHOICE to keep that one for safety and accountability purposes with my husband only. I can literally count on one hand the number of people I follow and who follow me on that app.
"He loves you, and so do I!" [[HUGS]]