40 Days and 40 Writes

Day One of The 40 Day Social Media Fast
July 10, 2022
Woke up in Middleville, Michigan literally to the sounds of a plethora of different types of birds happily chirping and squawking away with great delight at being alive.  By the way, the cranes sound exactly like the velociraptors on Jurassic Park— no exaggeration! With coffee lovingly  being served bedside, and the song of “Oh What a Beautiful Morning” from the musical Oklahoma playing almost annoyingly on repeat in my head; I made my best attempt to keep my eyes closed for as long as possible. 

Mind you, we landed after 11:00 pm last night and didn’t get to say our Goodnight prayers until 2:45 am. My husband, like one of the singing birds woke up smiling like an enthusiastic puppy with the sunrise at 6:30 am. He’s special like that. 

Grateful for the safe and timely flights here yesterday. Our layover in Fortworth, Dallas, Texas was delayed a bit (approximately 25 minutes), but overall it was a successful, pleasant experience flying among the white fluffy clouds, sunset, and night lights. 

So far so good without the social media. Grateful for this book by Wendy Speake to guide me through this process which includes unplugged devotionals one day at a time.

 She introduces in Day Two (because I read ahead on the airplane) the reminder of Matthew 11:28 where Jesus beckons us all who are weary and burdened to Come to Him and rest. 

Rather than coming to Facebook, Amazon Prime,, Netflix, Instagram, Email, Twitter, Snapchat, or TikTok; COME to Jesus for comfort, healing, relief, joy, and lasting peace. 

It is calm and finally quiet inside my busy head. 

Today was wonderful. We got to spend quality time with family enjoying delicious food prepared by “The Chef,” quality in-person conversations, boating, and kayaking on a semi-private lake. 

Our hearts and love tanks are now full. 

Day One in The 40-Day Social Media Fast by Wendy Speake asks the question “Is Social Media Bad?” She quotes Luke 18:19 reminding us that “only God is good.”  Then she goes on to explain that social media and many other vices we may struggle with are not necessarily bad in and of themselves. However, they are bad when they cause us to stumble away from God who is good. When we choose them over God that is bad, not the thing itself.

 I felt that. 

This idea resonates with me for a few habits and/or addictions I have chosen over God along my life journey. I am not okay with those choices for myself, which is precisely why I am doing this 40 Day Fast. 

Day Two 
July 11, 2022 

Follow Me
Mark 1:17
John 21:17,19
“Jesus does not offer a one-time invitation but a constant wooing.”
Matthew 14:22-33
Matthew 11:28
“Come as you are” song by David Crowder
Thankful to have prepared in advance with some F.E.R.B.s [functional equivalent replacement behaviors] for my social media usage.
Activities such as reading daily and nightly devotionals (which we we’re already doing, but can now do more mindfully with less distractions) and reading a chapter of Proverbs a day with the corresponding number for the current date: 31 chapters for 31 days a month. 
Thankful for the peace and quiet of being secluded out in the “boondocks.” I’ve already mentioned the differences between solitude and isolation in a previous blog post. 

THIS is peaceful solitude. 

Prioritizing peace today. 


Day Three <3 
July 12, 2022


The day my phone outsmarted me… 

Wendy shares with us about Matthew 19:5 where husbands and wives are directed to “leave and cleave…”  
The intention of this verse is to leave one’s parents and cleave to one’s spouse.  Her point being that unfortunately many of us cleave to our phones or other escapism distractions instead. 

These choices can destroy a marriage and a family. And the lasting painful effects of severing the spiritual ties of a marriage through a divorce are at times absolutely unbearable.
 I don’t recommend it. 

Thankfully because my God is gracious and merciful and promises Romans 8:28, it is all working together for good. 

God also grants us the encouragement of Philippians 4:13 which is the only reason I’m still standing today. 

And not simply standing… but actually stronger than ever before because that which does not kill us makes us stronger. 


Frogs, deer, fireflies, wild flowers, lakes surrounded by nothing but nature, cranes, red robins, lack of WiFi and internet service, a Bible, devotionals, and my husband makes for a peaceful, cleansing, healthy social media detox. 

And yes, I am texting my family and sending photos much more than usual, annoyingly so… 


But they’re all being very kind, patient, and tolerant with the social-media-free detoxing me. 

Day 5 Five 
July 14, 2022

Going back and forth between documenting my 40 day fast here and in picture and video format.

  • Praying for loved ones
  • Slowly, mindfully, peacefully sipping on coffee while admiring the hummingbird at the feeder
  • Practicing meditation this morning
  • Watching the sun rise 
  • Listening to Alistair Begg’s Study in Ecclesiastes on my Truth for Life app
  • Breathing Deeply
  • Preparing for the day
  • Closing my eyes and watching the dots and squiggly lines dance around the insides of my eyelids due to the bright sunlight coming through the window on the other side of my thin, protective, divinely designed eyelids. 
  • Spiritual Intimacy with my Infinite Omniscient Creator 
  • More deep breathing 

One moment I listen intently to my eyelashes as I BLINK in a quiet floating meditation. 
One moment I observe the dancing dots inside my eyelids. 
One moment  I listen to the many varied sounds of the wildlife chirping full of life and energy outside my window. 
These are the mindful moments of meditation. 
These are the divine gifts of unplugging from our devisive devices. 
Whether you choose to thank Mother Nature or Jesus, having an attitude of gratitude reciprocates. I highly recommend it! 
All my Christian friends, family, pastors, and The Holy Bible will instruct you that there is only One Way to Heaven. 
Is it true? You will need to seek and discover that for yourself Dear One. 

All I can do, is be salt and light. Matthew 5:13-16
I can tell you that if you’re waiting around for God to reveal himself to you while you sit idly on your hands, you most likely will never find The One. https://drive.google.com/uc?export=view&id=1EyGDKCOKYY8vR62N7e-aELSiYzscv2De
Rather you must: 
Matthew 7:7Matthew 6:33
to find God and enter His Kingdom. 
Be well my friends. 

Literally RUNNING UP THAT HILL to the unique sounds of Modest Mouse,
as opposed to Kate Bush from the Stranger Things soundtrack. 

Balancing that sweet tension tight rope between encouraging one another and respecting one another’s autonomy within our 3 strand cord. 

Tuesday, July 19, 2022 
Day 10 of The 40 Day Social Media Fast All boarded onto our first flight to Dallas, Texas. 
Next stop after that… Palm Springs, California where the temperature will easily be well over 100 degrees.  Traveling from lush green, breezy, rainforest-like lakesides to cactus-filled, hot, dry desert. Such a large percentage of our happiness in life depends on the attitude and perspective we choose to adopt. 
As for me, I’m looking forward to holding our black kitty Dez while he purrs contentedly in my arms, sleeping with my favorite pillow, and enjoying the other comforts I’ve grown accustomed to in our home.  I also fully recognize that Home is where the Heart is; with Jesus residing inside mine, I can feel at home anywhere when it comes down to it. 
It’s a huge HUG whenever I need one.  And right now I need one.  

Turns out it’s absolutely true… that which does not kill us makes us stronger. And I am stronger as a result of everything and everyone I have lost in my life, including social media. 
Thank You Jesus for drawing me closer to You. https://drive.google.com/uc?export=view&id=1uORu3K3xMlQfAFfV1gMds3P_LGT1AI3y
Day 12 Twelve 
Thankful Thursday 
July 21, 2022 
Lifting up my head, elongating my spine, awaiting the Lord’s return on this peaceful, mindful morning of gratitude and acceptance for my beautiful life filled with bittersweet consequences for my actions and choices throughout my life. 

No regrets, only valuable life lessons learned. 

Life is full of choices. 
Choose Wisely Beloved Ones. 

40 Days
One day at a time. 

Today is Day 40, August 18th, 2022 and a lot has changed since I began this social media fast. My priorities have not changed. God still remains first, above it all! However, my Romans 12:2 transformation has changed. My idols have been removed and my ego decreased in keeping with John 3:30. After culiminating close to 3 hours of video footage to encapasulate the last 40 Days of life unplugged (at least from social media); I finally concluded with God-given discernment NOT to post it on my YouTube channel... at least not in it's entirety. It was too long and tedious for even the video creator [me] to patiently view, so why in the world would I subject you to that level of boredom. Perhaps, I will edit out some of the highlights and turn them into IG reels and/or youtube shorts instead. Being able to add music with proper copyright permissions is always my preference anyway. I have missed you. And I truly appreciate those precious loved ones who have stayed connected with me in the interim. It really is a good reminder to care for those relationships who are "the real ones." You know the ones. The people who are there for you in your times of trouble and grief. The ones who stay and love you even when you are unlovable at the moment. The ones who celebrated my decision to step away and make healthier choices as described in the book about Digital Minimalism by Dr. Cal Newport. 

 This concept is also clearly supported by The 40 Day Social Media Fast by Wendy Speake which inspired this part of my journey that I will officially complete tomorrow morning when I read "Day 41" along with Proverbs 19 from my trusty leather bound Bible at my bedside. 
Her suggestion of The Word before the world Wendy mentions on Day 40 with recommendations including reading FIRST upon awakening the hard copy (as opposed to digital version) of God's Word, continuing to take a Sabbath Sabbatical from social media weekly, and having a plan in place before venturing back out into social media world with this friendly reminder: failing to plan is planning to fail.

 The format of this draft is difficult to read on this blogger site with all the programming commands dispersed throughout the page to direct insertion of photos. 

I guarantee even though I am publishing it tonight; it will be a continuous work in progress exactly like me and all of my other past, present, and future posts. 

 Luckily for me, I happen to enjoy editing and proofreading, so I welcome the upcoming revisions and additions in the coming days.

 It's good to be back friends.

 I've recently changed the format of this blog site to include a contact form. I hope you will take advantage of that tool and drop me a line sometime to offer feedback, ask questions, or simply say "hello." 

Looking forward to interacting with you in some form or another in the coming days ahead.

 Until then... 

 Life is full of choices. 

 Choose wisely.

Day 41

Little Foxes