This blog has *evolved over the last few years from simply being my own personal online diary of my unique spiritual journey into hopefully a source of encouragement for you. 

It is a revelation of evidence of God’s faithfulness as The Promise Keeper His Word claims Him to be! 

This next intimate moment I am about to share with you is closer to where I started this online journey [personal] journal with you; 
but it also substantiates the *evolution into proving my God as the Promise Keeper that He is 💗 Psalm 37:4

Truth is I should probably run this particular post by my husband before sharing it with you.

 But for some reason, I don’t believe he would mind. 

 After all,  he did just remind me that he’s ALL IN no matter how much weight I gain or other [unrelated] character defects I might struggle with on a regular basis. 

So the intimate moment and promise kept by God based on our obedience to His Will was this: 

EVERY single night my husband holds my hand as I place my head on his chest and we pray.

 It’s always the last thing we do before going to sleep for the night—even when we’re over 2K miles away and imagine that position in our mind’s eye over the phone. 

Last night, he prayed “Thank You God for my wife, and I don’t hate that she’s sexy…”  Laughing out loud at that part, my cheeks are still hurting today from smiling so hard today remembering that moment of levity, heartfelt gratitude, and intimacy between the three <3 of us. 

Of course it is not appropriate for me to share all of our intimate moments with you the reader publicly. 

Just as it is equally inappropriate for me to share all of my intimate prayers with you. 

There’s just something indescribably beautiful and private about talking to Jesus individually,  and about worshiping with my husband in the sanctity and sanctuary of our marriage bed. 

Matthew 6 tells us this, as well as the importance of not announcing our good deeds to the world publicly all over social media. 

Sometimes as an encouragement and an example to others, it is helpful to model such acts of service. 

Ecclesiastes 3 reminds us that there is a time and place for all things under the sun. ☀️ 
Balance is the key to so many choices we make in life.

May you find a healthy balance in your life today as you practice The Art of Well-Being.

Daily Affirmation for you 
Philippians 1:6 

Life is full of choices.

Choose Wisely.