High Fidelity

You may remember a movie released in 2000 staring John Cusack titled “High Fidelity” about the owner of a failing record (vinyl) store in Chicago who grows up. 

Before I get to why I chose this title, I am once again embarrassed to admit more errors on my part. 

For several years now I have repeatedly been publicly misusing the term “entitled” on this blog and on my YouTube channel. 

It just NOW clicked in my brain that each time I introduce a song, movie, book, posted blog entry, or YouTube video creation to you like the one above, I say or write to you 
“It is entitled ___________” 
This may not seem like a big deal to you.
 But it bothers me more than I’d care to admit. 

It is an important distinction between the two words “entitled” and “titled.” Being someone who works professionally in the field of education with both types; I, of all people,  should clearly know the difference. It is unacceptable to me to be continuously making such a simple grammatical error. 

A person (or ANY of the above mentioned categories such as books, movie, etc.) can be TITLED.  Examples include: Sir, Madam, Prince, Princess, President, Doctor and so on… 

However when a person is labeled ENTITLED— it means they expect everything good and pleasing they get in life to be handed to them without earning it.

  Entitled is a synonym for “spoiled.” 

And unfortunately we see far too much of this sense of entitlement in our culture today. 

From this point on, you will no longer catch me mixing these two words up moving forward. 

This post is TITLED 


because it is one of my highest priorities in my NEW LIFE as a redeemed sinner who has experienced a Spiritual Awakening and been given a fresh start in a new God-ordained marriage. 

This past Sublime Sunday, I recorded another Hike and Mountain Bike Adventure video TITLED (not entitled) Trust the Process.

In it I shared one of the reasons I require those who want to engage in ongoing confidential conversations with me to book an appointment to keep it all professional and legitimate. 

Trust me when I tell you, Emotional Infidelity is quite real and equally, if not MORE, damaging to a marriage or relationship as Physical Infidelity. 

It is an extremely slippery slope when a spouse allows him(her)self to engage in ongoing close, confidential, intimate conversations and relationships with another person over time whether it be online or in person. 

Emotional Infidelity can and will destroy the bond in a marriage just as effectively and efficiently as Physical Infidelity can. 

So the only significant thing I really have in common with the John Cusack movie mentioned above besides a deep appreciation for classic vinyls, is this vital need for sustaining High Fidelity of every kind in my current marriage. 

In this way, I honor my husband and even more importantly my GOD! 

Lifelong Learner here and one of the ways I enforce this healthy boundary is to require people to employ the BOOK NOW button on any of the public social media accounts TITLED (not entitled 🤦‍♀️) 
Grateful Gwen Channel 
if they (you) should desire to engage in ongoing dialogue of a personal, intimate, professional counseling nature. 

Requesting to be “good friends” is not going to fly with me. 

Either my husband already knows about my friendship with you and we have all agreed that it is appropriate for us ALL to be friends… or you obtain my services professionally and know that I keep my husband informed about my business decisions as well. 

Naturally professional CONFIDENTIALLY will always be practiced along with other hoNORAble work ethics as well as HIGH FIDELITY (faithfulness) as the Bride to my husband and Christ. 

Keeping SECRETS although potentially exciting, titillating and alluring is also death ☠️ to a healthy and happy marriage. 

Hope this helps clarify any confusion that may still be lingering out there for those individuals still seeking personalized quality time with me. 

Our time is precious and should not be wasted on trivial efforts made in vain; but rather respected, valued, and invested in the most helpful ways. 

Lord, make us useful instruments of Thy Peace, Love, and Light today. 


Life is full of choices. 

We can choose to hold onto anger and resentments and/or wallow in self-pity, feeling sorry for ourselves (victim mentality). 


We can choose to do the work of recovery with a trusted human and GOD of our understanding. We can choose to surrender to God’s Will for us and trust His ways are truly higher— 
Isaiah 55:8-9

We can choose to listen, follow suggestions, suit up and show up without excuses, AND enforce healthy codependent-no-more boundaries in our lives. 

We can choose to be a woman or man of our word — living in such a way that holds us and others invited and allowed into our lives accountable for the commitments we each make along the way. 

We can choose to PRAY for those who we perceive have harmed us in some way, and we can Let Go, Let God with each one as needed. 


As for me I choose to live an hoNORAble life with class, dignity, integrity, redemption, forgiveness, determination, honesty, and enthusiasm in complete surrender to my God. 

As for my involvement with you… it may be 
foraseasoNORAlifetime …
God only knows. 


Praying for healthy mind, body, and soul in The Art of Well-Being for you today Loved One.