Just Breathe
I forgot that for a minute this morning, as I came up gasping for air after a moment of overwhelmed panic at my present state of mind in that moment described below. As I am fighting for my life in the "survival of the fittest" battle that is my morning daily commute to work in Southern California filled with aggressive, selfish, distracted, all-about-me-road-rage-out-of-control drivers;
I find myself caught up in my grief, anger, and frustration,
allowing this world to rob me of my peace and joy that comes ONLY from my Maker and my Savior.
I am not okay with that choice.
Not okay with it at all.
And that brings a song into my mind... "Maybe it's okay, if I'm not okay..." by We are Messengers. One step at a time. One breath at a time. One long satisfying pull on my bottle of water at a time. One prayer and mediation at a time...
while THE Living Water washes me clean and provides eternal satisfaction like nothing else this world has to offer!
This post was originally published beginning of June 2022.
Sometimes all we have to do is Just Breathe…

You will find that the reminder to "Just Breathe" is a recurring theme with me.

Because it needs to be.


Breath of Life
Breath of Life Bible Verses: 


Acts 17:25


Psalm 104:29-30


Jeremiah 38:16

Revelation 11:11

1 Kings 17:17


Music Selection: 

“Who Am I” by Casting Crowns 

“Breathe”  by Faith Hill 

“Speak Life” by Toby Mac

Do you ever press pause on all of life’s distractions long enough to simply listen to yourself breathe? 

I highly recommend it! 

Do it in the power of NOW! 

Feel the tension in your body begin to relax. 

Experience the mental chaos begin to clear away — even if only for a few precious sacred moments. 

It’s magical…

The gift of the Breathe of Life breathed into our nostrils by GOD is nothing short of miraculous!

If you know me personally or have listened to me on YouTube over a period of time; then you already know I no longer believe in coincidence. 

I believe in God Shots. 

My husband and I constantly marvel over the beautiful themes our Higher Power places along our daily paths via readings, music, movies, podcasts, nature, situations, etc.  

It is as if God is constantly winking at each of us or blowing us kisses. 

Along those lines today in addition to the song “Speak Life” by Toby Mac that decorated my Vlog post on YouTube this morning; God also tied the devotional reading above “Words of Worship” from The Divine Romance with the song “Just Breathe” by Faith Hill. 

In my marriage we practice Thy Will Be Done Surrender to God.  As a result of this mutual submission to each other and to our Maker, He kisses us both with a form of worship that requires no words whatsoever— only breathing is required. 

Just Breathe…