Have you ever experienced a floating meditation? 

Even if you’re not a swimmer like me, it can be done in any relatively calm, quiet body of water. 
Be Still and Know.,. Psalm 46:10 

If you have a fear of sinking or swallowing water, you may want to invest in a floating meditation at a store such as “Float State.” 

It may cost a little more to do it in an environment like that, but some of the advantages are: 

1. Privacy
2. Ideal temperature 
3. Cleanliness 
4. Sensory Deprivation (blocks out ALL distractions apart from the thoughts in your head) 
5. Dense salt water requires NO special breathing to avoid sinking— You are guaranteed to float regardless of your size, experience, knowledge, or skill level. 
6. Peaceful, calming, soothing, encouraging, positive vibes environment. 

Truth is I’ve only floated there once (maybe twice 🤔) so far, but it was great!

  And I would highly recommend it! 

Anyway, this is NOT a promotion for Float State or other similar types of business establishments. 

I promise I will get to the point soon! 

When the conditions are ideal like they were yesterday at my local gym and the pool is empty, quiet, and calm, enjoying a floating meditation is one of my absolute most favorite activities this temporary human life on planet Earth has to offer. 

It is even BETTER than that initial warm fuzzy bubbly, glowing, tingly, euphoric tipsy feeling that slowly and sweetly rises and envelopes me from my head to my toes after finishing my first or second glass of chilled Pinot Grigio after a long day at work. 

Now mind you, I haven’t experienced that particular sensation described above in close to 5 years now by the grace of God, a Spiritual Awakening, and the love and support of some wonderful friends and family. 

But yesterday what I experienced in the sublime sober silence of the swimming pool was even better! 

As I lay there fully relaxed after a workout at the surface of the water flat on my back completely still and KNOWING GOD… 

I slowly blinked my eyes repeatedly- perhaps 5 or 6 times over the course of a minute.  Each time, I could hear and feel my eyelashes like butterfly wings flapping exquisitely softly and leisurely around my eyes.  I could hear the top layer meeting the bottom row each and every time.  

Keep in mind these are my REAL average length human eyelashes unlike so many extensions we see today that actually are the length of butterfly wings.  

To be clear, it was the spiritual gift of blocking out ANY and ALL of life’s busy chaotic distractions, cares, worries, devices, stressors, vices, negativity, minutia, etc. out entirely that made these precious moments so exceptional. 

Have you ever experienced this spectacular phenomenon for yourself? 

It is incredible. 

Can I swim in YOUR Divine?☝🏼✝️💖🙌🏼

When we can press pause on the insanity of a busy life on life’s terms, it is truly a gift indeed.


To be fair, because I neglected to mention that after years of painful Swimmer’s Ear 🏊‍♀️ I now wear silicone earplugs when I workout or float. 

Therefore I believe those sensory deprivation plugs combined with the quiet and calm water of the pool that day all contributed to my ability to experience such a keen [spidey-senses] internal hearing of the movement of my eyelashes.

P.S. HAPPY FATHER’S DAY weekend to ALL of you Positive Men of Influence (whether you’re a biological Dad or not)!

On a completely unrelated side note, I wanted you all to know that I finally get it now.
I NOW know there are many legitimate reasons [that are not personal] for why people don’t respond to my posts, videos, or other public creative efforts in a variety of social media forums. 

One of my solemn promises to you my readers, viewers, clients, mentees, friends and family members is that I won’t ever ask you to do something that I am not willing to do myself. 

Therefore to those end, in practicing what I preach, so to speak,  I have made multiple attempts to comment on other people’s blog posts and YouTube videos to empathetically support their efforts.

 It’s more challenging than I had previously realized.

  It requires having an account and being signed in as well as other potential obstacles along the way.  

Not to mention the obvious other explanations such as not having the time, energy, desire, or interest to respond. 

I also recognize and respect that for some the need to protect their privacy is more important than providing any helpful feedback [publicly] for my growth is worth. 

I get it. 

No worries. 

Perhaps you can simply keep me in your prayers instead 🙏🏼


K.I.S.S. said my Daddy “Keep it SIMPLE Silly” ;) 
Less is More Psalm 37:16#minimalism 

Leave it all behind, said Jesus —Follow me…
Sit at my feet, pour your most valued perfume (possession) on my feet, wipe them with your hair as Mary did; and simply listen as I teach, heal, and comfort you, my beloved child. John 12:1-8
Yes, Lord.
Yes :)
Thank You for letting me share.