You don’t have to grieve this pain and suffering alone. You don’t have to end it all. There may still be HOPE for you yet. There may be a reason  or reasons to go on living.  There may be beautiful miracles that make your life worth living. 
If you are currently located in the USA you can dial 988 from any phone 24 hours a day 7 days a week to talk with someone and tell them your story in a 100 percent judgement-free zone. (There are international crisis lines available as well.)
You are not alone. You are loved. You have a purpose. Let us help you discover it. Your pain can help others if you can possibly find just one reason to keep pushing through. 
You don’t EVER have to be alone, unless you choose to be… Life is full of choices. 

Ask yourself are you alone by choice?
The answer may very well be an emphatic YES! 
And that’s great! … if it’s true for you.
For some of us introverts, being alone is often our preferred way to spend much of our time. 

We enjoy socializing in small doses, and most of the time in small numbers as well. 

Then after a time, there is a strong NEED to isolate in peaceful solitude to recharge our batteries, so that we can do it all over again the next time. 

Key words above are isolate or isolation and solitude. Is there a difference between the two concepts? 


Isolation tends to be associated with negative connotations such as pandemic quarantine or alone by rejection either due to medical issues or social interaction concerns, such as solitary confinement in prison for safety reasons. 

Whereas solitude tends to be perceived as more a more positive, peaceful, desired state of meditation or relief from the usual burdens and demands of one’s day. 

So again I encourage you to ask yourself, which kind of ALONE is it for you? 

As you may or may not already know about me, I am an avid fan of the 70s and 80s rock band HEART ❤️. 

They had a hit song at one time called “Alone.” I used to sing it every chance I got!  In the shower, in the car, in my bedroom, etc. 
“How do I get you alone?” belted out lead singer Ann Wilson, accompanied by her equally talented sister Nancy Wilson in this edgy emotional ballad perceived to be crushing hard on her desired lover at that moment. 

It’s also similar to how our bridegroom Jesus feels about us as unique individuals within His Bride [the church, the body of Christ] He wants nothing more than to get each of us alone to spend quality time walking through the wild flowers, or surfing the waves, or accelerating on the motorcycle or the jet ski OR whatever those moments of absolute JOY, EXHILARATION, PEACE, PRAISE, GRATITUDE or LOVE look like for you personally depending on how you were fearfully and wonderfully made by God! 
Psalm 139:14 

This is the most exquisite form of being ALONE that I cherish as part of my day each and every single day. 

You see, I’m NEVER (another fantastic song by HEART by the way) truly ALONE. 

And neither are you. God is always with you! Unless you reject Him. Unfortunately, since 
Life is full of choices, should you CHOOSE to reject Jesus, His response is simple really…

Matthew 7:23 
2 Timothy 2:12-13

Having said that, in the power of NOW, I want to address fear-based decisions. 

This is why many of you are ALONE today. 

Once again, should you CHOOSE to take a fearless and thorough inventory of your life, you may and most likely will discover that some of your worst decisions were based on FEAR. 

Fear of rejection by others. 
Fear of not being good enough. 
Fear of getting to close and being hurt. 
Fear of the unknown. 
Fear of feeling your feelings. 
Fear of letting someone into your heart. 
Fear of being wrong. 
Fear of facing consequences. 
Fear of failure. 

And the list goes on and on… 

But you get the idea. 

This is why many of us fearful, fallible, fragile humans act like cornered animals lashing out in defensiveness and attacks when feeling threatened. 

It is precisely why some actively push others away and keep them at a safe distance through their words or actions to protect themselves from being wounded by another imperfect human yet again. 

So again, I encourage you to take a hard look at your own life and ask yourself these soul-searching questions. 

Why are you alone right now? 

Is it truly what you want for yourself? 

If so, that’s okay. 

If not, remember you don’t have to be alone. 

Jesus is ready to run to you as soon as you acknowledge His existence! There are a multitude of Soul-Shepherding verses to walk you to and with Jesus throughout the entire book of Psalms…

Highly Recommend!!! 

After all, He loves us first.  1 John 4:19 


The above is the name of a new song by Manic Drive, a Canadian Christian Alternative band if you want to check them out!

My honest opinion and review is that their sound reminds me of Nine Inch Nails, which is a rock band that sends chills up my spine (and not in a good way) for personal reasons I shall not disclose here. 

However, I am a fan of alternative rock music in general so I genuinely appreciate the vibe here as it is Christian and ultimately proclaims the message of the gospel also known as the *GOOD NEWS! This * is another song by Manic Drive as well :) 

I’m giving them a shout out because I agree with the overall message we are all celebrating together in the Body of Christ! 

Never Alone. 

He LOVED you to death! 

His death on a cross ✝️ for YOU❣️
John 3:16-17 

Life is full of choices.      Choose wisely.