Words of Affirmation

So THIS just happened… 

A 13 year old male student told me out at lunch that I looked “drippy” today. 

I asked a clarifying question “Is that a good thing?” 

He responded enthusiastically “YES, it means your outfit is fresh!”

After which I thanked him for his compliment (words of affirmation) which happens to be my primary love language. 

A few minutes later our SRO (school resource officer) told me I looked beautiful like Jenny from Forrest Gump with my flowing dress on today! 
I literally laughed out loud and told her about how I always wave hi to you like Forrest and started signing off recently with “Life is like a box of chocolates, and so am I…” “You never know what you’re gonna get!” ;) 

I also told her that I take that as a great compliment since I greatly admire the lovely character Jenny and her flowy bohemian free-spirited style! 

More words of affirmation to make my heart happy. 

Naturally I had to look “drippy” up in my handy dandy go-to slang reference Urban dictionary to educate myself. 

And I tell you what… all the other standard definitions for that particular word are not so flattering…
 Tee Hee. 


Another gift today was a student asking me to proofread the love letter she had written to another student because she values my thoughts and opinions. I can’t even begin to describe how honored that gift of trust makes me feel. 


A good way to know what someone’s primary love language is without even asking them is to observe the ways in which they love others. 


For example, If you listen to me for a day, you quickly realize that I distribute sincere WOAs generously to quite a few people on an average sunrise to sunset period. 

I work with a kind lady who cooks for our office staff regularly, so I would predict her primary love language to be Acts of Service. 

I mentor another sweet young woman who gives me material gifts like books, scripture-filled water bottles, and other thoughtful and meaningful presents. Quickly I guessed that her primary L.L. is GIFTS.  And she confirmed that is correct! 


Another student talked to me recently about how desperately she craves time alone with her mom 
to simply talk because she feels like her mom never wants to spend time with her. 
Again, I talked to her about the L.L. of Quality Time. She lit up like a Christmas Tree at the identification and recognition of her primary L.L. 


If you haven’t already experienced the pleasure of reading this helpful resource:  The 5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman — I strongly recommend it! 


It is empowering for saving marriages or even better for knowing what to look for before you enter a marriage. 

It is also excellent for restoring and strengthening parent-child relationships or any other kind of relationship you value in your life. 



Be CONFIDENT that God who began a good work in you will be faithful to complete it! 
Philippians 1:6 

Life is full of choices. 

Choose wisely.