Training Camp

Today’s reading in Jesus Calling by Sarah Young is quite relatable:

Sarah effectively lays out the reasons why I no longer need to regret my past mistakes. 

Not only because Romans 8:28 promises me that God uses it all for good… But also because my worst, most painful, mess-ups have given me the most useful gifts of empathy.

They allow me to be curious instead of judgmental. 

They teach me to truly listen without interjecting my unsolicited thoughts or opinions.
These experiences provide a way for me to feel another’s pain and sit in it with them; 
praying with and for them in their deepest darkest moments of grief. 

Instead of continuously berating and mentally beating myself up with guilt and shame; I can choose to take these life lessons and be useful to a fellow human being. 

WOW, my GOD is good! 

In my 20/20 hindsight, I can site at least 3 specific examples in my life of considerable regrettable actions on my part that God has already used for good. 

I will refrain from doing so, as they are deeply personal and involve other people. Sure I could change the names to protect the “innocent”, but suffice it to say that I have had some “By the grace of God” experiences in my lifetime. 

The opportunities afforded me moving forward with this Romans 8:28 knowledge are limitless! 

It removes my doubts and fears and replaces them with a strengthened faith KNOWING my God is a promise keeper! 

To be clear,  this is not permission to purposely go out and make a bunch of mistakes (or intentionally commit sins.) 

But it is a powerful reason to do His Will without hesitation or fear of embarrassment, failure, or persecution!

He has set me FREE!!! 

…Free from caring about likes, followers, subscribers, money, worldly success, status symbols, enhanced beauty procedures or products, or any other materialism. 

I used to want so badly to be one of “The Cool Kids” but in the power of NOW I realize that the coolest kids are the ones that don’t care what everyone else thinks!  They simply enjoy their God-given lives and all the valuable life lessons that come with this Training Camp for Eternity!