makes progress, not perfection. 

Practice minimalism: Less is More. 

Practice priorities. 

Practice Yoga. 

Practice what I preach. 

Practice organization, best effort, calming breaths, positive affirmations, confidence, confidentiality, rest, screenlife balance, healthy mind, body, soul. 

Practice The Art of Well-Being. 

Practice photography. 

Practice mindfulness. 

Practice silence. 

Practice tolerance,

 kindness, physical activity,

 eating healthy, compassion, 

empathy, integrity, 

sobriety, honesty, 

faith, hope, LOVE. 

Practice perseverance. 

Practice active listening. 

Practice filling another’s love tank. 

Practice paying it forward. 

Practice grounding in the grass or dirt with bare feet. 

Practice words of affirmation. 

Practice Quality Time. 

Practice being fully present in the moment. 

Practice more listening, less talking. 

Practice Acceptance. 

Practice Courage. 

Practice Prayer. 

Practice Meditation. 

Practice setting ego aside. 

Practice celebrating small victories. 

Practice one step at a time. 

Practice being outdoors. 
Practice humility, not humiliation. 

Practice enforcing healthy boundaries. 

Practice an attitude of gratitude. 

Practice forgiveness. 

Practice the Power of NOW. 

Practice Let Go & Let God. 

Practice Patience. 

Practice gratitude in suffering. 

Practice giving and receiving GRACE.