Y’all are gonna think I’ve officially lost my mind with this post.

Rest Stop near Vega, Texas 

But here I go anyway.
This End times message was given the weekend of April 2;  but I’ve updated this post 4/27/22 to add a few more creative photos including Occam’s Razor which Ellie Arroway refers to in this movie CONTACT.

Today at The Grove Community Church Lead Pastor Daniel Bishop preached on end times.

He did an amazing job navigating all the “land mines” (his words, not mine).

Attached here you will see screenshots from the 1997 fictional movie “CONTACT” staring Jodie Foster and Jake Busey (YES, son of actor Gary Busey) pictured here. 
There are several other talented cast members in this thought-provoking movie as well. 

Again, it is a work of fiction. 

And again, MANY would argue the same is true about The Holy Bible.

All I know is this…

On my recent Spring Break less than 2 weeks ago, my 84 year old mom and I drove through Vega, Texas where this homicidal lunatic Bible prophecy preaching character played by Jake Busey spouted off all his End Times rhetoric making Christians as a whole look like idiots.

This morning I was quite thankful and relieved that Pastor Daniel shared his personal beliefs about such foolishness.

When fellow Christians go around claiming they KNOW all the answers;  they unfortunately make all of us looks like fools. 

God’s Word clearly states that:


Matthew 24:36
Mark 13:32
1 Thessalonians 5:1-3
Peter 3:10
Revelation 3:3

𝒢𝓇𝒶𝓉ℯ𝒻𝓊𝓁 for this truth today! 𝒢𝓌ℯ𝓃

In case you haven’t already figured this out about me yet, I believe in science, facts, AND 

Contrary to popular belief; 
Science and Religion are NOT mutually exclusive! 

Creation evolves. 

You’re welcome! ;) 

Jodie Foster’s character had this to say at the end of the fictional movie CONTACT:

Same Ellie Same. ❤️