My Truth

Update on “Thankful Thursday, May 19th, 2022”
Can’t sleep. 

The creative mental juices have been actively flowing since 3 am (great song by Matchbox Twenty by the way…) 

I have more truths to confess to you my fellow human being. 

Recently rewatched this particular episode of The Office pictured here below:
It got me [OVER] thinking… again. 

My truth regarding the last standing brand I continue to represent aside from my own and more importantly being an Ambassador for Christ is that my two favorite things that remain about it are the quality people I have encountered along the way and the winning lifestyle slogan I embrace “The Art of Well-Being.” 

Aside from those two truths, I can honestly share these facts with you as well: 

1. The well made in the USA 🇺🇸 products (Gilbert, AZ) are convenient, healthy and effective for losing and/or maintaining one’s goal weight when used consistently and combined with an exercise program. 
2. They are also not cheap, but are comparable to an average grocery budget when used as intended as meal replacements. 
3. The business model can be lucrative and successful for those who are willing to prioritize it and do the so called “hustle prevails” mentality. 
4. For those mentioned above it can have its perks and benefits such as earning trips, recognition, gifts, and the ability to work mobile from all over the world, to name a few. 
5. For me, it is not a priority. 
6. My truth is the hustle does not prevail in my life. 
7. Peace prevails in my life. 
8. Philippians 4 Peace that passes understanding prevails in my life.

I shall save truths 9 and 10 for the photos below.

More Truths:
9. Yes I took this photo above and the one below. 
10. I photographed them from my ultra cool Microsoft Stars desktop background slideshow [NOT IN NATURE] with a Bible Verse card in front for Psalm 147:4 He counts the STARS and knows them by name.
I believe in giving credit where it’s due. And I am certainly not a National Geographic level photographer. Not sure who the actual photographers are, but I took them as I mentioned from my Microsoft desktop 🖥 theme, so that is my source in case anyone is interested.

Another truth God gave me as I was feeling The Flow swimming 🏊‍♀️ laps is that I am the one who got away.
Not the one rejected. 
Not the one not good enough. 
Not the one who failed. 
Not the one too skinny or too fat. 
Not the one who is too much. 

NO, none of those lies I have told myself or been told by the enemy. 

I am The One Who Got Away from this world and all the sin and shame it has to offer. 

I am The One Who Got Away to run into my Savior’s loving arms in a field of wild flowers to be held close for all eternity.
I am The One Who Got Away to be with my Lover, my husband who cherishes me and was willing to wait to make me his Bride 👰‍♂️ according to God’s Will and timing.

 My husband is the one who serves and loves me in an Ephesians 5 way as Christ loves his Bride, the church.
Original Post: 
 "It's a Wonderful Wellness Wednesday, April 27th, 2022."
Thought about choking out these words this morning on my way to work for YouTube video number 458. 

 But ended up making a better choice to listen to another share about their struggles instead.

 "Being heard is so close to being loved that for the average person they are almost indistinguishable." -David Augsburger 

 This calling is my vocation.

 In addition THIS quote above is also most likely why I feel compelled to write to you in this online diary about my spiritual journey, AND to talk with you on the almost daily (sometimes twice in a day) YouTube videos. 

 The primary prayerful objective of being useful by sharing encouragement through my experience, strength, and hope is also accurate; but my truth is, just like you, I have a need to feel heard (loved) as well. 

Yes, I can get these needs met through my husband, my friends, family, pastor, therapist, mentor (sponsor), counselor, and BEST of all my GOD!

 I don't know if it's the introvert in me or what. But for some reason, I enjoy talking to you in these ways-- here and on YouTube.

 I truly do hope it is helpful in some way for you as well. Author Stephen R. Covey suggests taking a WIN WIN approach in habit #4 in his book: The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. In this way, the business relationship is mutually beneficial for all parties involved. 

 This is my hope for us. That is precisely why in addition to this process of writing and speaking being highly therapeutic and cathartic for me; it is extremely appreciated whenever I receive feedback from you via comments or emails with helpful suggestions, comments, questions, or requests for future topics of discussion.

 No news can be good news.

 OR it can mean that the message is getting lost in the abyss of Cyberspace.

 This morning the reason I mentioned above "choking out these words" is because I am mentally, physically, emotionally, maybe even spirtitually exhausted. 

 Listening can drain one's energy. Picture the character John Coffey in The Green Mile after he inhales other's deep visceral pain. 

 After a long night short on sleep, I finally reached a point of REM sleep right about the time my alarm was set to push me forward for the day. I was incredibly grateful when the alarm woke me out of a disturbing dream where my car was being towed and I was wearing nothing buy my running shorts and too embarrassed to run after it in that state of undress. 

 Not quite sure what this dream symbolizes or represents... But maybe it's about not wanting to get caught with my proverbial pants down. Maybe it's related to the TRANSPARENCY, my husband and I discussed as part of our #staymarried A Couple's Devotional quality time last night. We have both worked diligently to establish a safe space of truth, honesty, integrity, transparency, with good intent always.

 Sometimes that includes sharing some hard truths that may be painful for one or both people. Being trustworthy is vital for being able to trust another person. 

 Often times those who are unfaithful or dishonest are the same ones who snoop, suspect, doubt, question others and struggle with their own insecurities. (NOT ALWAYS, just often).

 Today it is imperative for my mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional health and well-being that I practice this principle: 


 Normally, this practice helps me to sleep soundly most nights. But last night I was distracted by the clock and upcoming events.

 This is why it is also vital for me to stay in the present moment. No past-trippin. No future-trippin. 

 Just right here, right NOW, in this precious moment with you. I think this is more than enough rambling from me for now.

 Thank You for "listening" here and/or on YouTube. Am feeling the love...

 And remember "He Loves You, and so do i."

 Leviticus 19:18 Matthew 22:36-40 Mark 12:31 1 Timothy 6:18 Galatians 5:22-23 Genesis 38:6-10  

Love Thy Neighbor

 In this small world Cyberland we currently reside in, you are all my neighbors.