Thinking Out Loud

Originally when I started writing and publishing this blog a few years ago,  it was basically an online diary that I chose to make public for this reason: 

 The thought and hope was and still is that my Spiritual Journey might help encourage another along their own journey with Faith, Hope, and Love… 1 Corinthians 13

Later on this blog evolved into an online Vlog at a YouTube channel by the same name with a similar agenda.

I’ve shared with you in the past about my Audience of One.  

GOD is my Primary and most Valued Viewer… 

AND ultimately my reason [PURPOSE] for ALL of it!

But occasionally it’s nice to see engagement with a few fellow humans as well. 

Thank You 

You know who you are. 

And I truly appreciate each and every one of you.

Received and began reading πŸ“– The Upside Down Kingdom πŸ‘‘ by Donald B. Kraybill today! 
So far I have a great deal of respect for this author’s wisdom and knowledgeable insights. 

Unfortunately, once again, this book πŸ“• does not lend itself well to me reading it chapter by chapter with you on a series of YouTube videos like I have attempted to do with many other books of interest. 

It all started with IGTV videos during the lockdown of the world wide pandemic 😷 and then evolved into the Grateful Gwen Channel on YouTube. 

I will encourage you to read it along side me at home and present any questions or commentary you may want to share on here. 

Thus far there has been no response to my public open invitation to schedule a live stream chat to talk about it together in an open forum. 

But I completely understand that scheduling a universal time that works for all of our different schedules is challenging to say the least. 

Should you choose to read this book or maybe you already have read it since it was originally published in 1978… I would truly appreciate hearing your thoughts and opinions about the concepts presented here. 

I already value the rebel vibe set up at the start from this quote: 

“The Jesus we find may startle us. He’s somewhat irreverent, certainly not a sweet shepherd walking beside still waters. In fact, he’s not carrying any sheep πŸ‘ and he stirs the political waters so much that he gets the Roman electric chair πŸͺ‘.” p. 10 

I also appreciate the fact that Kraybill points out that his “suffering” as an American professional -relatively wealthy white male- living in a super power nation, [USA πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ] 
is obviously going to look a whole lot different than the suffering of those living in impoverished nations lacking clean water to drink and other hardships; 
 that we know absolutely nothing about in this country with our selfish sense of entitlement and lack of gratitude as evidenced by the actions of multitudes. p. 11


My next steps always lead to THIS:

If it helps one and/or brings glory in some small way to—

The One 

(May you find Him now)…

 Then it’s all absolutely worth it!
Thinking Out Loud

Happy Easter 2022!
 I adore you! πŸ’— ⬆️ 

(“Three’s a Crowd” is simply the effects filter —nothing more than that) 

In our relationship Three is actually the perfect number: My husband, me, and Jesus! 

<3 Father, Son, Holy Spirit <3