Cost/Benefit Analysis

Highly recommend journaling your pros and cons or costs and benefits before making any important life decisions.

 Even more importantly I recommend PRAYING for discernment moving forward on any  particular path along your Spiritual Journey!

In this YouTube video (link above) I share with you the fact that I no longer accept invitations to be an Ambassador for any brand other than my own to bring God glory. 

This decision was based on a cost to benefit ratio analysis where I determined that the costs for representing other brands outweighs the benefits for me personally. 

However being an Ambassador for Christ results in an equation where the benefits far outweigh the costs in my life! 

Formerly an active Brand Ambassador for #happyinpineapple activewear at (link below) 
I believe the discount code (norhop) may still be applied at checkout if you’re interested in any of this fun colorful yoga gear!

Same applies for my affiliation with Isagenix…

I no longer actively pursue the business model for this health and wellness company; but I still enjoy the products and make them available for anyone else who may be interested:

Discount code: norhop 
20% off

Any major upcoming choices that I can help you pray through? 

Let me know!
Take Care
Be Well
The Art of Well-Being

Hebrews 10:36 
You need to persevere so that when you have done the will of God, you will receive what He has promised. 

Side Note 📝

I am always honest with you so I think you should know that I have gained quite a bit of weight since all these HAPPY IN PINEAPPLE photos were taken. 

I am constantly a work in progress with an ebb and flow when it comes to my goals of achieving a HEALTHY MIND BODY SOUL. 

Whatever my current weight or clothing size is currently at; I sit in acceptance, self-love, and an attitude of gratitude for what this body does for me day after day! 

I continue to practice self-care 
Praise God for I am fearfully and wonderfully made! 

Psalm 139 

When all I see are the flaws Lord, You see perfection:

Is it worth it? 
Only you can decide that for yourself!

Know your WHY! 
Passion and Purpose 
Purpose Driven Life