Truth Bombs

Yo Yo Yo droppin’ some truth bombs up in here today! 
Feel the energy flow with me as we share some common social media experiences as brothers and sisters existing in this small world that God holds in his hands.  
Harmless enough, well-meaning SEO accounts on Instagram that sniff out the hashtag #youtuber like a Great White sniffs out a bloody chum bucket in the water--- instantly commenting “Send me your channel, I will subscribe!” with a heart emoji.
I imagine this formula is quite successful as it strokes the human ego nicely.
But then it always leads to a sales pitch that buys subscribers for a price. 
Nothing organic or God-given about that approach, so that’s a pass for me.
Fortunately for me my ego does not drive my decisions, my GOD does!

Then there are all the orphanages in Africa and India, and other impoverished villages or countries.
They show love to a social media account and send DMs offering prayers and copious amounts of heart-wrenching, tear-inducing photographs and videos of all the poor children in desperate need of financial support.
These account holders can be respectful, sincere, genuine, altruistic, doers for the Lord. This type of missionary work and ministry is admirable, noble, honorable, and wonderful. 
The requests can also be relentless and overwhelming in the sheer numbers of donation seekers (also similar to sharks with the scent of blood in the water.)

Next up, we have the “Hey Girl” variety of up and coming online entrepreneurs who want to recruit “Brand Ambassadors” (customers), health coaches, cyber bit coin traders, or other beauty, fitness, real-estate, or “you-name-it” MLM, or other online business model experiences.  And I happen to have tried several of these along the way.  Been there done that. 
I continue to purchase and consume products regularly from my health and wellness company, because I like the effects produced by ingesting the healthy ingredients and because I adore the overall theme of THE ART OF WELL BEING:
However, I will NEVER push this experience on anyone else.   Instead I respect your right and your FREE WILL to choose your own life experiences; both for this life and the eternal one!

Regarding my past experiences as a Brand Ambassador for multiple brands… once again each of those decisions was exclusively ego-driven.  As it turns out, when I analyze the cost to benefit ratio, the costs far outweighed the benefits. Therefore, now the only brand I am willing to be an Ambassador for is Jesus Christ.  In that case ONLY, the BENEFITS far outweigh the costs!!!
And THIS is my testimony!

What social media experiences have you had so far?

By the way, I don’t think all the “hustle prevails” online entrepreneurs out there are sharks.

 Most of them in my experience are actually extremely kind, generous, loving positive people. 

I simply know what and who I want to follow and represent as HE provides all the Joy in my Journey.