I have experienced the distinct honor and privilege of being a friend to a wonderful inspirational woman who practices this miraculous habit on a daily basis. Cyndi Walter has envisioned it and made it her own, renaming it Cynergy and branding it along with her positive healthy happy people [HHP Facebook page] Team with this motivational label where she enables people to Cynergize on weekly Team Training Calls with her in addition to individual care and attention as needed to lift others up, educate, inspire, mentor, and assist as much or as little as people invite/allow/require/request/need.

This week we wrapped up the reading of The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey: 

I’m beyond excited with great anticipation for the next book we will begin in 2022!!! This one was inspired by a recent deep conversation with my husband Niel, my son Cobi and his fiancรฉ Erin after watching the Netflix movie “Don’t Look Up!” in which actress Meryl Streep takes us on a wild ride as the President of the USA!

Back to the reference at the top regarding my friend Cyndi— her son Tyler is a successful entrepreneurial LEADER of a Synergistic Team [same company] in his own right! 
I was recruited onto his team which is how I came to observe and experience first hand the great care that his altruistic mom gives to everyone she encounters. 

I can assure you as I have personally witnessed Cyndi and her husband and their entire family open up their home and host people with willing and open hearts and minds to learn and create BETTER lives for themselves…

 It is nothing short of miraculous!

The quote above regarding Tolerance is completely unrelated to all of the above, but it’s another important concept I practice both personally and professionally 

Once I posted a photograph of me holding a heart with the word “tolerance” written in the center. A follower commented “Does this mean we should be tolerant of human-trafficking?” 

Of course not! 

God forbid! 

Hence the caveat of the spectrum of tolerance depending on the severity of the opinions and behaviors and how directly they may affect other’s lives. 


P.S. Although I greatly admire and respect Cyndi and her son Tyler and the respective businesses each of them have built, I don’t have a passion, desire, or vision for that type of business for myself personally. I also admire my oldest brother for his Win Winvestment financial planning company — Now known as 

And though I also have no desire, passion, or vision for that type of work either; I do have all 3 of those things for another type of synergistic Win Win endeavor of my own branding— hence the new birth of Grateful Gwen! 

Ultimately, my passion and purpose for EVERYTHING I do is as simple as this: 
(in that order)! #tohimbetheglory