Good Grief
Updated Christmas 2022

[Charlie mentioned below has now (since this post was originally posted last Christmas) married his lovely wife Kathy who is arguably the G.O.A.T. in the Art of Gift Giving! ]

Everything below was originally posted 
December 2021:

This BEAUTIFUL collage of cherished moments for our family pictured at the top was just part of our Christmas gifts from my former husband and his lovely wife (in about 3 months technically). Such generous and thoughtful gifts given completely unselfishly, expecting nothing in return are deeply appreciated. 

And THIS is how it’s done. 

This is a true exemplary model of the Love Language of Gifts done well. 

It is a different Spiritual Journey and experience for two of them than it is for my husband and myself; but make no mistake — it is a fruitful one nonetheless! Galatians 5:22-23

My Love Tank is overflowing this Christmas Season and I am Grateful.  ♡︎♡︎♡︎

And it’s a good thing they weren’t expecting anything in return, because the only thing they received from us besides graciously accepting their wonderful gifts with love, gratitude, and appreciation was this:

Good Grief is not just a line from Charlie Brown when he’s frustrated with Lucy or Snoopy in the comic strip [movies] entitled “Peanuts”…
simply a fun tune by Bastille “watching through my fingers” pictured above and below in this 15 second #short —

Good Grief is a phenomenon many of us are experiencing this Christmas season. 

Unfortunately, I personally know way too many young boys and girls grieving the loss of one or both parents this holiday season. 

And I also personally know some parents who are grieving the loss of their children, including my recently acquired mother-in-law who lost her other son way too young. It isn’t the natural order of things for a parent to lose a child. 

And we find ourselves questioning why our Almighty Loving Heavenly Father God would allow these tragedies to happen. 

I have multiple personal theories of my own about this. They may or may not be accurate. I won’t truly know until I cross over to the other side myself and finally meet HIM face to face. 

What I do know for now is that, as I currently grieve the loss of my Dads (both biological and in law) as well as my first marriage — 
I choose to call it Good Grief.  

Because it is a season of remembering all the beautiful moments and LOVING FAMILY LEGACY built by those precious years. 

This holiday season, we will all spend it together. My new marriage joins my former marriage in multiple family get-togethers to celebrate FAMILY 
1 Corinthians 13 and John 3:16 LOVE! 

It’s a miraculous thing when you really think about it. Easy to do when there is so much Love all around us and inside of each of us. 

My current husband and I were recently discussing the communication styles of our previous marriages as part of a weekly couples devotional. 

We both realized that we were all essentially still kids when we were first married. We grew up together and raised kids together and therefore will always love each other in that special way that bonding over raising kids together and being high school sweethearts produces. 

We also both recognize and realize that we GET TO give each other our very BEST selves today based on many difficult life lessons learned in our previous relationships. 

I see it in my former husband’s new relationship as well. They too give each other their best based on lessons learned from the past. 

It’s Good Grief. 

So on this Friday morning, December 17, 2021 my husband and I are praying for you as you cherish the wonderful moments and lessons learned from your Good Grief. 

P.S. Most likely I will alter this post again in some way in the future because to this date ALL of my posts seem to be works in progress just like me! 

Merry Christmas friends and family! 

This is our virtual Christmas card this year:

A text from my former Father-in-law (Still Father-in-Love) inviting both of us over for Christmas this year:

“Good Grief” Charlie Brown

This Snoopy and Woodstock image above makes me laugh out loud as I fondly remember subjecting my family to watch A Charlie Brown Christmas/Thanksgiving/Halloween (The Great Pumpkin) with me against their wills (all 3 of them) haha! 

Each Halloween/Christmas my soon to be daughter-in-laws family from birth decorates their front yard in Peanuts characters — I absolutely adore it!!! 🥰