The Social Dilemma

The Social Dilemma was a recent Netflix documentary that rocked my world! 

Similar to Disney’s (Pixar Animation) INSIDE OUT which shows us the inner workings of our minds and emotions, The Social Dilemma reveals the horrifying ways in which social media technology  pokes at our addictive-prone brains manipulating our thoughts and patterns in all too real, powerful, and frightening ways! 

Personal proof of this phenomenon here:

EXACTLY THE SAME REEL circled above POSTED AT EXACTLY THE SAME TIME on two different IG accounts with entirely different results! 

The higher viewed # is now closer to 6k and rising…

I personally didn’t do ANYTHING different with either one of those posts on Halloween night, October 31, 2021. 

So who did? Instagram aka Facebook aka Meta 

And for what purposes? 

An Excerpt from Ensemble magazine:

Essentially an exposรฉ on social media and technology from director Jeff Orlowski, it features interviews with some of the tech geniuses who helped develop the platforms we know so well (think Google, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Facebook, etc.) and paints a clear picture on how these businesses have evolved from something positive into a testing lab on the human brain and money making machines. 

It’s a reminder of the power these platforms have over our lives, with some pretty eye-opening insights and statistics. Here, a few of the quotes that stood out to us - plus, some tips to help you navigate the digital sphere in a more positive way.

• “We’re the product. Our attention is the product being sold to advertisers.” - Justin Rosenstein, former engineer Facebook and Google, co-founder of Asana

• “It's the gradual, slight, imperceptible change in your own behaviour and perception that is the product.” - Jaron Lainer, founding father of Virtual Reality Computer Scientist

• “It's a marketplace that trades exclusively in human futures.” - Shoshana Zuboff, Harvard University professor

• “We’ve created a world in which online connection has become primary. Especially for younger generations. And yet, in that world, anytime two people connect, the only way it’s financed is through a sneaky third person whose paying to manipulate those two people. So we’ve created an entire global generation of people who were raised within a context with the very meaning of communication, the very meaning of culture, is manipulation.” - Jaron Lainer, founding father of Virtual Reality Computer Scientist

• “If something is a tool, it genuinely is just sitting there, waiting patiently. If something is not a tool it's demanding things from you. It's seducing you, it’s manipulating you, it wants things from you. We've moved away from a tools based technology environment, to an addiction and manipulation used technology environment. Social media isn't a tool waiting to be used. It has its own goals, and it has its own means of pursuing them by using your psychology against you.” - Tristan Harris, former design ethicist at Google and co-founder of Centre for Humane Technologies

• “We’re training and conditioning a whole new generation of people that when we are uncomfortable or lonely or uncertain or afraid, we have a digital pacifier for ourselves. That is kind of atrophying our own ability to deal with that.” - Tristan Harris, former design ethicist at Google and co-founder of Centre for Humane Technologies

• “I like to say that algorithms are opinions embedded in code. And that algorithms are not objective.    Algorithms are optimised to some definition of success. So if you can imagine, if a commercial enterprise builds an algorithm, to their definition of success, it’s a commercial interest. It’s usually profit.” - Cathy O’Neil, data scientist

• “There’s only a handful of people at these companies who understand how these [algorithm] systems work, and even they don't necessarily fully understand what's going to happen with a particular piece of content. So as humans we’ve almost lost control over these systems. Because they’re controlling the information that we see, they’re controlling us more than we’re controlling them.” - Sandy Parakilas, former operations manager at Facebook, former product manager at Uber

• “The way to think about it is as 2.5 billion Truman Shows. Each person has their own reality with their own facts. Over time you have the false sense that everyone agrees with you because everyone in your news feed sounds just like you. Once you're in that state, it turns out you're easily manipulated.” - Roger McNamee, Early investor venture capitalist in Facebook

• “The platforms make it possible to spread manipulative narratives with phenomenal ease, and without very much money.” - Renรฉe Diresta, research manager of Stanford Internet Observatory, former head of policy at Data for Democracy

• “When we were making the like button, our entire motivation was ‘can we spread positivity and love in the world?’ The idea that fast forward to today and teens would be getting depressed when they don’t have enough likes or it could be leading to political polarisation was nowhere on our radar.” - Justin Rosenstein, former engineer at Facebook and Google, co-founder of Asana

Feeling overwhelmed by all of that? Here are a few tips from the film to help navigate the social media space:

• “Never accept a video recommended to you on YouTube. Always choose. That’s another way to fight.” - Jaron Lainer, founding father of Virtual Reality Computer Scientist 

• “Before you share, fact check. Consider the source. Do that extra Google. If it seems like it’s designed to push your emotional buttons, it probably is.” - Renรฉe Diresta, research manager of Stanford Internet Observatory, former head of policy at Data for Democracy

• “I've uninstalled a ton of apps from my phone that I felt were wasting my time. All the social media apps, all the news apps and I've turned off notifications on anything that was vibrating my leg with information that wasn’t timely and important to me right now. It’s for the same reason that I don’t keep cookies in my pocket.” - Justin Rosenstein, former engineer at Facebook and Google, co-fonder of Asana

Phones are digital pacifiers to avoid feeling all our feelings from The Social Dilemma documentary.  

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In doing some self-reflecting this morning it has been brought to my attention that some of my personality flaws by the world’s standards such as being overly sensitive “you need to grow a thicker skin”, or having “an addictive personality” or being “impulsive acting on irrational emotion as opposed to rational logic”, or “approval-seeking” caring far too much what others think about me… 

 are being converted by my God for HIS good and for His glory. Philippians 1:6 Confident that He is faithful to complete the good work He has started in me.


Overly sensitive becomes compassionate and empathetic with a servant’s heart.

Addictive personality becomes driven to Be the Change HE wants to see in this world.

Impulsivity becomes Love first, analyze later.

Approval-seeking aka People-pleasing becomes finding JOY in the Lord and being transformed into a beacon of light and hope shining HIS light brightly for others to see and hopefully grasp onto like a life-saving buoy in the middle of the stormy seas.  


Today, I am truly Blessed to be a Blessing and I wouldn’t change a thing.

Masterpiece lyrics by Danny Gokey 

Heartbreaks a bittersweet sound

Know it well It's ringing in my ears

And I can't understand

Why I'm not fixed by now

Begged and I pleaded

Take this pain but I'm still bleeding

Heart trusts you for certain

Head says it's not working

I'm stuck here still hurting

But you tell me

You're making a masterpiece

You shaping the soul in me

You're moving where I can't see

And all I am is in your hands

You're taking me all apart

Like it was your plan from the start

To finish your work of art for all to see you're making a masterpiece

Guess I'm your canvas

Beautiful black and blue

Painted in mercy's hue

I don't see past this

You see me now

Who I'll be then

There at the end

Standing there as

Your Masterpiece

You're shaping the soul in me

You're moving where I can't see

And all I am is in your hands

You're taking me all apart

Like it was your plan from the start

To finish your work of art for all to see

You're making a masterpiece

You're making a masterpiece

Back to YOU

As I embark upon another Holy Spirit led day;  I embrace the tasks bestowed upon me, and the moving message-filled music which surrounds me on this Transformation Tuesday. 

I found myself smiling to myself on my commute to the office as I can only imagine what meeting Jesus face to face will be like… 

Also caught myself smiling at the memory of my husband gently stroking my hair while calling me terms of endearment like Baby Girl, praying with me & for me as we bask in the most sacred and spiritual forms of worship and praise to our Almighty God and Sweet Savior Jesus!
These are the experiences I have longed for my entire short existence on this planet… 

YES, AND i can only imagine the Best is yet to come with the Lover of my Soul!!