Week 11 
Laughter is Not a Luxury 

Wednesday Nights are Couples Devotional nights for us. 

Because as this Christmas gift pictured below from my wise & thoughtful daughter Kylie suggests… we practice Joshua 24:15 in our home. 


As previously mentioned in one of the more popular blog posts here entitled “Worth the Wait”; I shared with you all that I can’t really claim PURITY as I was married once before. 

(And have had a few other relationships in my life as well.) 

TO THINE OWN SELF (and others) BE TRUE. 


The same genuine authenticity applies here as well. 

When I propose #staymarried as emphasized by this A Couple’s Devotional book by Michelle Peterson advises, I recognize the hypocrisy in the fact that I and my husband have each experienced, grieved, mourned and survived divorce. 

Even though we are both incredibly happy together NOW; neither one of us would ever recommend divorce. 

But similar to walking away from addictions and codependency; IT TAKES WHAT IT TAKES to recover. 


Here are just a few (TOP 10) of the things
 I, 𝒢𝓇𝒶𝓉ℯ𝒻𝓊𝓁 𝒢𝓌ℯ𝓃 am doing DIFFERENTLY this time around in THIS MARRIAGE: 


1. Waited until marriage for intercourse (OBEDIENCE). 
2. Pre-Marriage Counseling 
3. Prayed for discernment and THY WILL BE DONE (not mine!) 
4. Pre-Marital compatibility workbook “Preparing for Marriage.”
5. Compatibility Assessments x 2 
(One with my Therapist and another one with my Pastor.) 
6. Weekly and Daily devotionals like the one pictured here— as well as daily Bible readings (just like my family did growing up) 
7. Making every effort to speak each other’s LOVE LANGUGES fluently— including checking each other’s love tank gauges regularly. 
8. COMMUNICATION!!! Expressing my needs openly and honestly— no matter how awkward or uncomfortable the conversation may be—enforcing healthy boundaries.
9. TO THINE OWN SELF (and others)
10. 🇬 🇴 🇩  🅵🅸🆁🆂🆃!!! 

It is my sincere hope and prayer for you that these suggestions are helpful and encouraging my friend. 

May you find JOY in your JOURNEY! 

Everlasting Joy is far superior to fleeting happiness. We can experience it in ALL circumstances! How wonderful is that?!? 




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