So I’m gonna let y’all in on another one of my secrets okay?
Are you ready for this one?

You could be the sweetest person I’ve ever known in the way you approach me…

Photo Credit goes to my husband for the one above.

Photo credit once again to my hubby for this one 👆🏼as well.

There’s often a “but” isn’t there? But, if I observe the way you treat other people and lose respect for you as a result; 

 it will affect the amount and types of interaction or engagement I CHOOSE to invest with you moving forward. 

In the valuable CODEPENDENT NO MORE life lessons I have learned over the past 50 years, I now fully understand my power to choose. 


Some of you I love from a safe distance as I enforce healthy boundaries. 

Some of you will need to book an appointment in order for me to invest my precious time and energy getting to know you and your TRUE intentions and motives. 

Some of you I will give my ALL for at the drop of a hat. 

I strive to be like Jesus a little bit more each and everyday. 

But I’m not Jesus. 

And I’m not ready to die on that cross taking on the burden of all the sins and shame of this world.  

Thank GOD I don’t have to; 
because the battle has already been won! 

And sweet victory is ours to claim! 

Death and ALL sins —past, present, and future have been conquered for all mankind! WOW! Incredible! 

2 Peter 3:9 

If you want it.

Do you?