Basking in the glow of sweet Jesus peace this morning with this fondest cherished memory of mine. It brings a warm smile to my face as I sit in gridlocked California traffic on the daily commute to work.  While others surrounding my Jeep “Gobi” are frustrated, exasperated, and generally stressed out to the max; I am calmly listening to CRSB feeling a relaxed, miraculous, calming perfect peace wash over me from the Lover of my soul.  He gives me this sweetest memory to have and to hold.

Made  a few attempts this morning to record my daily meditation YouTube video.  It wasn’t meant to be and I am perfectly okay with that.

I have learned to surrender and let go of control of my life. 


Take my life and let it be consecrated Lord for Thee. 

Thank You GOD for this magical lighthouse sunset pictured above over Lake Hefner in OKC with my Beloved babies.

My precious Son-in-Love J and his beautiful wife, my Baby Girl Happy Ky introduced me to exquisite music by a group known as CRSB.

J serenaded Ky with their chill song entitled ROMANCE on his ukulele around Christmas time in front of the fireplace while wearing their cozy baby Yoda and Stitch onesies.
We also got to enjoy some painting by numbers accompanied by more chill music.

These are the most valuable gifts to me. This is the stuff that Perfect Philippians 4 Peace is made of and why I am so deeply in love with my savior Jesus.