Feeling compelled to share this honest part of my journey with you. 

It’s related to a recent donut post.

Like I said, I haven’t looked back since I tossed out the scale and the calorie counting apps.  The following [along with medical check ups] truly are my ONLY 3 criteria for evaluating my own level of health and fitness: 

1. Do I feel good? 
2. Do my favorite clothes fit comfortably? 
3. Can I still do the activities I enjoy? 

Well,  this week has been an epic fail in all 3 categories. 

 I’ve been feeling lethargic and stressed. 

 My favorite clothes have all been way too snug—-to the point where I look forward to loosening up my pants as soon as I leave work and hop into my Jeep to head home each day.

  The pool at the gym has been either closed for repair or otherwise occupied by an aqua fit class the last few attempts I’ve made to swim so I stopped showing up altogether. 

Hubby and I have been doing an excess of “Netflix and Chill” when I get home from work— and by “Chill” I mean binge on sweet and salty snacks galore! 

This afternoon was “the straw that broke the camel’s back” so to speak. 
When I attempted to do my inversion routine on the set of monkey bars at the top of the hill in my neighborhood; THE STRUGGLE WAS REAL!
Top picture above is a happy me BEFORE my failed attempt.  The frustrated me now flowing words with you about how I need to get my rear in gear  is not looking quite so happy I tell you. 
Yes! There is still immense Joy in the Journey! YES, where there is a Will there is a Way! And No I’m not going to throw in the proverbial towel on healthy eating and fitness goals. 
However,  I may need to wait until I’ve ingested a sufficient amount of guilty pleasures satisfying Halloween Candy before I get serious about getting back into wholesome eating habits. 

We claim Spiritual progress, not perfection and the same principle applies for health and fitness goals. 

By the way, shout out to my husband who creates a safe space for me to be at whatever size & weight I may currently be at and still finds me desirable and beautiful. Like Jesus he’s looking into my heart and therefore sees beauty no matter what the muffin top popping out of my too tight jeans says!!! And I adore him for that and so much more! 
Xoxo my love ❤️

Attached a few of the majestic sights along my neighborhood walk to the monkey bars this afternoon. Enjoy :)

Reminds me of Mickey Mouse and Disneyland
Fall Leaves

P.S. my husband loves my baby fine hair… 

So this is my thank you for being wonderful loving me unconditionally just the way that I am —with all my perfect imperfections, all my curves and all my edges… YES, AND 
I miss you post script 💞

His bike above and his blog entry approximately a year ago… 

Perfectly matched by God we tell you! 

Well worth the wait, obedience, and surrender to God’s will.