An actor by the name of Brendan Hunt plays the role of Coach Beard on an Apple TV show entitled Ted Lasso. 

My son introduced us to this profound show when it started, and the character above displays admirable WISDOM through talking less and listening more. 
However the wild goose chase he was on in last night’s most recent episode was a bit disappointing to say the least. 

Aside from personally appreciating the Judy Blume reference from my childhood when he asks in church “Are you there God, it’s me Margaret’s boy…?”  my positive silver lining was THIS: 


Rejected by everyone from his significant other who does not reciprocate his heartfelt words of “I LOVE YOU” to the humiliating epic futbol ⚽️ loss on the pitch at Wembley Stadium to being kicked out of multiple bars, a bus, a new friend’s flat, a hotel lobby, and a dark alley, he finally lands in a church. Here he is welcomed in his darkest hour with mercy, grace, and agape unconditional love.  This sacred moment along with his mad hula hoop skills at the club were the redeeming qualities of this depressing episode. Plus when asked how he pulled off the act of being a professor at Oxford he responded with “I listen more than I talk.”

Profound WISDOM indeed Coach Beard. 


Thank You to my Chef for Jesus for the Shakshuka breakfast spread for myself and my precious babies this morning. 

And thank you Son for introducing us to Ted Lasso; and for bringing over our beefy tank Hamilton, English Bulldog Granddoggy pictured here!