Worth the Wait


I can’t really claim purity as I was previously married for close to 30 years and produced two beautiful wonderful children as a result of that in&of this world matrimony. 

However I can claim abstinence and obedience prior to this Christ-centered Holy Matrimony which was in this world, but NOT of this world. 


And I’m here to tell you that it’s all been worth the wait. God’s ways truly are higher than my ways. And He genuinely does know me better than I know myself.  Because believe me, left to my own devices, I would not have matched myself up with someone this well. This is an indisputable proven fact. 


I thank God every single day for my husband.




This lovely marital physical and spiritual union with our Savior and Creator is so worth the wait.
He knows what he is doing. We both marvel at this great gift constantly. 

ALL OF IT is so worth the wait❣️


Delight yourself in the Lord, and he will give you the desires of your heart. Psalm 37:4 

Side note: While my sweet daughter who surprised me spontaneously walked me down the “aisle” — my selfless son helped my mother stand for the entire loosely planned Holy Spirit led bohemian ceremony where we did not provide chairs alongside Big Bear Lake. And the place with our dinner reservation The Pines Lakefront ended up within walking distance of the impromptu lake location. 

God is good. 
All the time. 
All the time. 
God is good. 


Tears of Joy 
I imagine most parents are proud of their kids. And I am no exception. Each one of my beautiful babies has a #servantsheart ❤️ delivering joy and doing for others without expecting anything in return. They each stretch people for a living in addition to management, education, and training duties for Stretch U
Often in addition to that they care for others and make house calls refusing to accept any payment in return. Yesterday my son drove  2 hours out of his way to Grandma’s house bringing a massage table and his well behaved puppy HAM  for added therapeutic joy to care for my mom with her favorite 4 out of the 5 love languages in order:

1. Acts of Service 
2. Physical Touch 
3. Quality Time 
4. Words of Affirmation 
The 5 Love Languages®

Afterwards she couldn’t stop grinning and saying how fantastic it was. And I cried after he drove away with tears of joy, gratitude, and solid undeniable parental pride. 
I imagine when I bring God glory He takes a similar kind of pleasure in my efforts. 🥰
P.S. my daughter also offered and voluntarily stretched me last week In Oklahoma refusing payment or a tip just like her brother. It is physically demanding work and a sacrifice of valuable time in light of everything my kids each have going on in their respective lives at this time.