When I first considered the thought of marrying my now husband, I scheduled an appointment to meet with one of the pastors from my church to ensure that I was moving in the right direction;
 and to ask him if he would be willing to provide Pre-marital counseling for us even though we resided in two different states over 2000 miles across the USA.
I hope the story I’m about to share with you gives you hope and encourages you to seriously consider waiting for marriage to have sex. 
My pastor agreed to the counseling and helping me to feel confident in my decision to proceed. 

However, when I mentioned that I believed God may have chosen this man for me, he gently corrected me on that point. He explained that this idea of Soulmates is not a biblical one; clarifying that God does not choose our spouse and that there can be more than one good match for a man or woman. In a way that is comforting I guess in case you lose your first spouse. 

I’m curious, what are your thoughts on this theory? 

Have you ever experienced a mind, body, and soul connection with another human being that was so good, so deep, and so real that it made you cry? 

We have. And I am entirely convinced that it is “cuz GOD.”  The fact that we have chosen to be obedient to HIM, to honor HIM, and to place HIM first above all others including each other is resulting in a level of mind, body, spirit communication like I have never experienced before in my life. 

Definitely worth the wait. 

Do I regret my former physical/romantic/emotional experiences? 

Not at all. They brought me exactly where I am today. Each one gives me an even greater appreciation for the gift we have been given. 

Everything happens for a reason... 

“Cuz GOD”